Cosy up with a Delicious Choc-Orange Hot Chocolate

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Oranges, chocolate bars, cocoa powder on a work surface

'Tis the season for cosying up with a hot chocolate in your favourite Sophie Allport mug, perhaps that's a Christmas mug?. For a hot chocolate recipe with a tasty twist, this chocolate orange flavour is sure to be a delight to the taste buds...


  • Milk
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Vanilla extract
  • 70% dark chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Whipped cream
  • Cinnamon stick


Firstly, find your favourite little milk pan and set it on the stove. Pour in your desired amount of milk. We used our large Robin Stoneware Jug which holds up to 500ml. Turn up the heat gently so as not to burn the milk onto the bottom of the pan.

Add in your cocoa powder. We've used two heaped teaspoons for our desired taste, but depending on your quantity you might want to use more or less.  

Pouring in cocoa powder - Choc-Orange hot chocolate recipe from Sophie Allport

Next, add your freshly squeezed orange juice. Adjust to your own personal preference and depending how tangy you like it - we've gone with two tablespoons!  

Then add 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract, to help balance out the sweetness. 

Followed by the best part - your crumbled dark chocolate! Continuously whisk over a low heat to ensure the chocolate melts, but be careful it doesn't burn. 

For those who love their hot chocolate more on the sweet side, add a pinch of sugar to sweeten.

Gently heat through until hot but not boiling. Then take off the heat and pour your hot chocolate back into a lovely serving jug, ready to serve.

Time to get your favourite mug ready! We've chosen the Robin Stoneware Mug. Gently pour your chocolate orange hot chocolate into the mug. 

Pour hot chocolate into mug - Choc-Orange hot chocolate recipe from Sophie Allport

For extra indulgence, use plenty of whipped cream to top, and as an extra finishing touch, sprinkle a pinch of cocoa over the cream and pop a warming cinnamon stick into the mug.

Add cinnamon stick - Choc-Orange hot chocolate recipe from Sophie Allport

Relax and enjoy! Feeling Christmassy? Add a marshmallow snowman to your drink - see our how to guide here! Do you have a favourite hot chocolate mug for winter? Read our 7 Perfect Mugs For Hot Chocolate and let us know yours in the comments below. 

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