Make Your Own Marshmallow Snowman

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Marshmallow Snowman in Sophie Allport Snow Season Mug

We're here for all the cosy little things this winter at Sophie Allport! When you get home from a brisk winter walk, why not add a little snowman hug to your mug with our marshmallow snowman!

What you will need...

  • Marshmallows
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Ready to roll icing
  • Skewers
  • Small amount of chocolate, melted


We have already prepared our snowman head by using our ready to roll icing. We've made a cute carrot nose and a woolly hat! Stick your icing pieces onto your first large marshmallow. We've also rolled out his little scarf! Have your other ingredients and skewers nearby ready to use.

Marshmallow Snowman recipe from Sophie Allport

You'll need two more large marshmallows for this next step. Pick up your skewer and slide the two large marshmallows on.

Marshmallow Snowman recipe from Sophie Allport

Follow this by putting the marshmallow head on the top!

Marshmallow Snowman recipe from Sophie Allport

Next, it's time to pop his cute little scarf on! Wrap the rolled icing scarf carefully around the top of the second marshmallow.

Marshmallow Snowman recipe from Sophie Allport

Decorate your snowman's face by using the melted chocolate. Dip the end of a skewer into the chocolate and paint on his eyes and mouth - don't be afraid to get creative with your snowman's expression! To finish off the look, paint on the snowman's buttons.

Finally, we need to add the arms. Carefully cut a skewer in half and place a mini marshmallow on the end of each half. Then place the skewers into either side of the middle large marshmallow. 

Marshmallow Snowman recipe from Sophie Allport

Your snowman is ready to take a dip into your favourite hot drink! We've used our Snow Season mug for this. Add some squirty cream for that extra snowy effect and a dusting of cocoa powder for taste! For those that love an chocolate orange, then check out our recipe for choc-orange hot chocolate!

Marshmallow Snowman recipe from Sophie Allport

Perhaps take a finished pic of your Snowman buddy for your Instagram, sit back and enjoy! To find your next favourite mug, check out our vast collection here! 

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