7 Perfect Mugs for Hot Chocolate This Winter


7 Perfect Mugs for Hot Chocolate This Winter

There’s nothing quite like cosying up in the evening with a delicious hot chocolate, but you need the perfect mug to go with the perfect drink! Whether you like creamy and milky hot chocolate, dark and rich hot chocolate or perhaps a seasonal special, we’ve put together 7 perfect mugs for hot chocolate this winter.

1. Robin Stoneware Mug

First up is our classic Robin Stoneware Mug, the winter Robin adds festive charm to this large mug which holds up to 500ml, meaning there’s plenty of room for a topping of squirty cream. Why not complete the set with matching Robin Pyjamas for the whole family, including her, him, and the kids? Perfect for curling up on the sofa with delicious hot chocolates and watching Christmas films together. For more Christmas Mugs, see our full range.

women wearing Sophie Allport robin apron sipping a hot chocolate out of a stoneware mug

2. Fetch Mug

Excellent for all dog lovers, this fine bone china mug makes a great hot chocolate drinking mug. There are so many benefits of drinking from a classic china mug, and they are renowned for allowing maximum exposure of taste, meaning they are perfect for those that love the rich tastiness of hot chocolate. The charming design features Sophie’s unique illustrations of dachshunds, cockapoos, dalmatians, jack russels, west highland terriers, cocker spaniels, spring spaniels, British bulldogs, schnauzers, and chocolate brown Labradors – making it the perfect gift for dog lovers.

a dachshund and schnoodle looking into Sophie Allport fetch fine bone china mugs

3. Snow Season Mug

If winter and Christmas festivities are everything you are looking for in a mug, then our Snow Season mug will not disappoint. This heart-warming design features polar bears and their cubs, arctic hares and penguins all wrapped up warm in scarves and Santa hats, playing around the Christmas trees, building snowmen, and carrying presents on a white snowy ground under the night sky. It’s perfect for cosying up with a hot chocolate in the evening. Love our Marshmallow Snowman? You can learn how to make your own here! Transform your home into a winter wonderland with Sophie’s Christmas Homeware from Snow Season to Festive Forest and Home for Christmas, there’s lots of designs to choose from.

a snowman made out of marshmallows sits in a festive mug filled with hot chocolate

4. Poppy Meadow Bamboo Travel Mug

If you are looking for the perfect mug for hot chocolate when you are on the go, then our Poppy Meadow Bamboo Travel Mug is sure to delight. It’ll take you back to warm summer days with its floral pattern featuring blossoming red, pink and white poppies, delicate British bluebells, cornflowers, and an abundance of buds waiting to bloom. This sustainable choice is perfect if you enjoy hot chocolate from your favourite coffee shop and you want a reusable mug. The silicone lid closure will help prevent spillages, whilst the silicone band will help protect your hands!

a sustainable travel mug covered in beautiful florals made from bamboo

5. Foxes Solo Mug

Simple but impactful, our Foxes Solo Mug is available in two sizes, standard holding 275ml or large holding 425ml. Featuring a perched inquisitive fox gazing upwards with its bushy tail tucked around its side, and its rust orange coat stands out against the white fine bone china. This charming mug makes a lovely statement over winter and is perfect for pairing with the Foxes Hot Water Bottle to help keep you warm.

a white fine bone china mug with a central fox

6. Woodland Walks Stoneware Mug

We adore this Woodland Walks Stoneware Mug, which features olive green illustrations of acorn, maple, and oak leaves on the neutral ground. Its thicker stoneware design makes it ideal for cupping your hands around and sipping your hot chocolate in style. Did you know our Woodland Walks collection is in collaboration with the National Trust? Through sales generated from our National Trust collections, 10% of net sales, with a minimum of £20,000, will be given to the National Trust to help look after nature, beauty, and history for everyone, for ever. Read more about our work with the National Trust here.

a ristic stoneware mug sits on the side dotted with leaf illustrations by designer Sophie Allport

7. Bees Double Walled Glass Mug

Our Bees Double Walled Glass Mug makes a great hot chocolate mug for winter. The design of the vacuum space between the double-walled glass allows you to keep drinks at the perfect temperature without getting your fingers burnt or a build-up of condensation outside the glass. It’s ideal for hot chocolates, and if you like to layer tasty syrups into your hot chocolate, then you’ll be able to see all the different components in your drink too. The bee design gives a lovely nod to the delightful summer days to come too!

A glass mug and teapot sit on a outdoor table

Love hot chocolate with a little twist? Try out this delicious choc-orange hot chocolate recipe! What’s your favourite mug for drinking hot chocolate? Let us know in the comments below.

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