Our Guide on How to Choose the Best Coffee Mugs


Our Guide on How to Choose the Best Coffee Mugs

Most people have a morning routine. For many, it’s reaching out for your favourite coffee mug and pouring yourself a much-needed caffeine kick to help start the day. Others might prefer coffee combined with an afternoon catch-up with friends or even on the go as they start their daily commute. Whatever your preference, we’re looking at how to choose the best coffee mugs for you.

The trick to finding out the best coffee mug for you is to understand what type of coffee drinker you are. Perhaps you enjoy a large coffee in the morning or even an expresso shot with a dash of milk. It might be that you prefer to sip your coffee on the train or enjoy being able to see the different layers of coffee through glass. It’s all down to personal preference, and you’re not limited to just one style.

off white stoneware mug featuring green leaf patterns, part of the Sophie Allport X National Trust collaboration

Stoneware mugs

Stoneware mugs are great for those that love to cup their hands around a mug. They are much thicker in design than a standard ceramic mug and are less likely to scold as they distribute heat evenly. The thickness of stoneware mugs means they can keep coffee hotter for longer, making them excellent for those that love to sip their coffee slowly. These large mugs are perfect for using for lattes, cappuccinos, americanos and filter coffees.

Stoneware mugs have a unique appearance; they boast charm and character with a natural and rustic feel compared to ceramic, making them a great gifting option for someone who loves an earthy country aesthetic. Stoneware is also fairly durable and less likely to chip, so excellent if you're prone to dropping or breaking mugs often. Stoneware also makes a great mug for vegetarians and vegans.

How are stoneware mugs made?

At Sophie Allport, our stoneware mugs are made from clay and are fired at a very high temperature, with no toxic elements used in the manufacturing process. They also have a hand-stamped finish for a unique feel.

large stoneware mug perfect for coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Fine bone china mugs

There are many benefits of drinking from a fine bone china mug. A fine bone china mug is all about the experience, with the thinness of the rim allowing for maximum exposure of taste, making them perfect for those that appreciate and enjoy the taste of coffee. Fine bone china is also known for keeping your drink hotter for longer, so pop the kettle on a make your drink as soon as you get up and you can enjoy it whilst you get ready for the day ahead. The clean aesthetic of a fine bone china mug also makes them ideal for those that enjoy inviting friends over for coffee and cake in the afternoon and catching up.

fine bone china mug featuring Sophie Allport poppy meadows floral design

With two sizes available at Sophie Allport, our standard size mug measures 8.3cm high and has a capacity of 275ml making it ideal for a small cup of coffee or even a double espresso. Our large size mug measures 9cm high and has a capacity of 425ml making it perfect for those that love a larger wholesome drink. With plenty of different patterned mugs to choose from, we have a selection for everyone, including dog lovers, gardeners, bakers, and country enthusiasts, as well as a selection of nature, insect, and animal prints. Our fine bone china mugs even come in a smart presentation box, making them ideal for gifting.

How are fine bone china mugs made?

Fine bone china is made with a percentage of bone ash from animals. It's fired at a slightly lower temperature than porcelain which helps to create the light, thin and delicate material that it’s renowned for. All of our fine bone china is made in China and then hand decorated in Stoke on Trent in the UK.

whie fine bone china mug covered in a bee print

Travel mugs

Travel Mugs are ideal for those who are usually on the go, whether that’s a long commute into the office or you might be busy running errands and travelling around. Most people probably don’t realise how much they would benefit from a travel mug, and they should invest in one. Have you ever gone to leave the house and you’ve realised you haven’t finished your coffee yet? Probably. Do you ever have a takeaway coffee? If so, a travel mug is perfect for you and makes a more sustainable option and can be reused.

travel mug for on the go, white background with bee print

Our Sophie Allport travel mugs are heat-resistant and have a silicone band to further protect your hands from the hot contents. They hold 350ml so are perfect for those that enjoy a mid to large size cup of coffee and best of all they are dishwasher safe.

How are travel mugs made?

All of our travel mugs are made from natural materials, including bamboo, corn starch and food-grade melamine. They are made by grinding bamboo into a powder and then mixing it with the binding agents.

fetch travel mug perfect for at work

Glass mugs

A double-walled glass mug offers a contemporary touch to your drink and is perfect for those that like to layer milk between their coffee, you’ll be able to see all the different elements. The design of the vacuum space between the double-walled glass allows you to keep drinks at the perfect temperature without getting your fingers burnt or a build-up of condensation outside the glass. A double-walled glass mug is also ideal for those who love iced coffee. The vacuum space works both ways keeping your hot beverages warmer for longer and your cold drinks cooler for longer, making them an excellent choice all year round. 

Our Sophie Allport double walled glass mugs have a capacity of 300ml, again making them perfect for those that enjoy a standard-sized drink. They are ideal for creating a modern aesthetic and using when guests visit.

How are glassware mugs made?

At Sophie Allport, our glass mugs are made from 100% glass and have a decal around the outer rim which is hand applied.

glass mugs and teaport perfect for an afternoon tea set up

What is the difference between cups and mugs?

A teacup tends to be much smaller than a mug, they usually have a handle and come with a saucer, this makes them better suited to drinking with tea when using a teapot, as you can top up your cup when needed. As mentioned previously your perfect mug is always down to personal preference, so if you like a smaller cup of coffee then a teacup could be the right choice for you. Mugs on the other hand tend to be generally much bigger than cups and they don’t always have to have handles like our glass mugs and travel mugs.

We’d love to know your preferred mug or perhaps you have a favourite Sophie Allport mug? Let us know in the comments below.

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