5 Insights Into The Fastest Dogs


About lurchers, whippers and greyhounds

Often recognised as ‘skinny’ racing dogs, seen walking in the countryside with their flat-cap sporting owners, the likes of Greyhounds, Whippets and Lurchers are becoming an increasingly popular choice of companion across households worldwide. Here are five insights into the fastest dogs from Greyhound, Whippet and Lurcher owners here at Sophie Allport HQ.

Lurchers, Whippets and Grey Hounds

  1. Regal and generally well-mannered, these dogs are recognised by their sleek build and slim frames. Bred to be sight-hounds, they are amongst the fastest dog breeds in the world - hitting speeds of 45mph! ….don’t drop the lead…
  2. Often a surprise to hear, these dogs do not need huge amounts of exercise. Traditionally, sighthounds are natural sprinters in order to catch their prey, therefore once maxed out at their top-speed, they’ll be keen to head back to their favourite spot to snooze. It’s highly likely to be stretched out across the sofa, inconveniently across the doorway or anywhere they’re not supposed to sleep! We would, however, recommend a large Pet Bed Mattress if your pooch loves to stretch out.Lurcher, Whippet & Grey Hound dogs by Sophie Allport
  3. When not running or sleeping, they’ll be eating… anything delicious they can get their teeth into! And no, a pooch with visible ribs isn’t necessarily underfed, they’re likely to eat just as much as any other dog (or in our experience, the other dog's food too!).Lurcher, Whippet & Greyhounds - Sophie Allport's Speedy Dogs
  4. Almost like a cat, many owners of Speedy Dogs claim that they, in fact, are owned by their dog. Although successful recall is vital to…. well, ever seeing your dog again… any other commands are often acknowledged, yet completely ignored.Whippet, Lurchers & Grey Hounds by Sophie Allport
  5. Despite being aloof and dismissive at times, each and every speedy dog we've met is affectionate and incredibly loving, making them wonderful family members and ideal choice of rescue breed. They love cuddles and will bring many smiles and laughter to the household... especially when laid on their backs, sunbathing or playing dead!

Lurcher, Whippet & Grey Hound Dogs by Sophie Allport

Do you own one of the fastest dogs? Does your greyhound, whippet or lurcher have any interesting quirks or habits? Let us know in the comments below.


  • I have a beautiful saluki greyhound girl – she is everything this article mentions. A rescue – we have had her for the last 10 years and she’s still fast – she completely owns us!! We lost our beautiful boy last year also a rescue saluki greyhound. So many need homes – I will always adopt and not shop and it will always be a sighthound. Once you have been owned by one you will never want any other breed.

    Angela Brailey on

  • iv had lurchers for over 35 years, am now the proud owner of my first rescue greyhound and absolutely adore him. Hard work for first few months but now he’s so very loving ❤

    Mrs Janet Smith on

  • We have a Lemon Beagle called Lily who is nearly 10 years old and still behaves like a puppy, so full of energy and runs so fast! She loves her walks and seems to be outliving in every way her Labrador friends. So many people ask us how old our puppy is and think she’s a labrador, she’s lovely with children. She can jumps over styles and lives for her walks in the woods, barks at strangers warning them she’s my protector! She’s endearing and annoying! Cat food demolished by her when our cat aged 17 doesn’t eat straight away. She certainly keeps us fit!

    Faith on

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