How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

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How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

We love nothing more than climbing into bed after a long and busy day. It’s that comforting feeling of settling into your bedding, followed by the stress and worries of the day drifting away as you close your eyes. There are a few things that can disturb that feeling – crumbs (big no from us), a partner snoring, a car alarm going off outside, and sheets that just don’t fit.

We understand that some things can’t be helped, but finding the correct bed sheet size is something you can fix. Read our guide on how to choose your bed sheet size. 

How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

When to choose fitted bed sheets?

Fitted sheets are easy to use and give a smooth and unwrinkled fit over your mattress, making them look effortless. A fitted sheet usually has elasticated corners, which ensures tightness and security whilst protecting your mattress or mattress topper and providing an extra layer of comfort.

When choosing a fitted bed sheet, check the size of the sheet against your preferred dimensions. You must measure your mattress depth to ensure the chosen sheet will fit snugly under each corner. You don’t want it pinging off or bunching up in the night. If you have a thick mattress size between 13 and 17 inches, you should look into deep pocket sheets or extra deep pocket sheets - these have been designed to provide more fabric for deeper mattresses.

How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

When to choose flat bed sheets?

A flat sheet is simply a rectangular piece of fabric with finished edges - it doesn’t include any elastic or have any other shape. Some people use flat sheets as a bottom sheet and tuck them under the mattress, however, you have to re-tuck and adjust this each morning as they can come loose at night.

A flat sheet does have other purposes and is used as an extra layer between the sleeper and the duvet. It can be used for extra warmth or as a top sheet for the summer months.

How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

How to pick the right bed sheet?

It comes down to personal preference when looking at what bottom bed sheet is right for you. Those who like an added layer of warmth may prefer both, with a fitted sheet on the bottom and a flat sheet between themselves and the duvet.

We recommend checking the size and measurements of your sheets against your mattress, as this will affect how your sheets will fit. Ensure you consider any mattress toppers you might use, as this will change the depth you need.

How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

What is a single bed sheet size?

· A single fitted sheet - 91 x 190 x 30cm

· A single flat sheet - 178 x 245cm

What is a double bed sheet size?

· A double fitted sheet - 137 x 190 x 30cm

· A double flat sheet - 229 x 254cm

What is a king bed sheet size?

· A king fitted sheet - 152 x 200 x 300cm

· A king flat sheet - 259 x 269cm

What is a super king bed sheet size?

· A super king fitted sheet - 183 x 200 x 30cm

· A super king flat sheet - 305 x 269cm

How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

What is a standard-size pillowcase?

A standard-size pillowcase measures 50 x 75 cm, often referred to as a housewife pillowcase, and this fits a standard 45 x 74cm pillow. The key to finding the perfect fit is ensuring your pillowcase is slightly larger than the pillow, ensuring that it can accommodate the full pillow with no sides hanging out. There are many different shaped pillows, from memory foam to ergonomic. Measure your pillow to ensure it will fit into the pillowcase purchased.

At Sophie Allport, most of our pillowcases have an Oxford design featuring a decorative border that adds style and a luxurious feel to the bedding set. All of our pillowcases have a reverse design which complements the bedding. When making a beautiful bedspread, we recommend having four pillows across a double, king, or super king bed, turn the back pillow around to show the reverse design - this adds extra texture and dimension. Add decorative cushions and throws for that finishing touch.

How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

What size bedding set should I choose?

Bed linen and duvet sets are pretty much universal. A double bedding set fits a double duvet, a king bedding set fits a king duvet, and so on. We recommend matching the sizes to avoid any saggy extra material.

Some people prefer to size up their duvet - for example, having a king duvet on a double bed gives you more duvet to cosy up to and is perfect if you share a bed with a partner who likes to duvet hog.

How to Choose the Correct Bed Sheet Size

Quality bedding is essential to getting a night of good sleep. Missing a few hours might leave you feeling unrefreshed in the morning. Sleep is vital for a positive mood and allows our brain and body to function properly. There are many factors to consider when choosing your bedding set, which includes understanding your thread count – read our guide to the best thread count for sheets.

For beautiful duvet covers that add style to the room, shop Sophie’s collection of bedding sets. 

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