Our Guide To The Best Thread Count For Sheets

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Our Guide To The Best Thread Count For Sheets

There’s nothing better than jumping into bed with fresh new bedding sheets. The perfect bedding sets not only do they look divine, but they have that perfect balance of quality, softness, and breathability. We’re diving into all the ins and outs and discussing everything you need to know to find the best sheets.   

What does thread count mean?

Before we get into the details of looking at what is the best thread count for your bedding, it’s essential to understand what the thread count means when it comes to bed sheets. It might be described as a thread count or often shorted to the word TC.

The thread count of bedding sheets is the measure of the number of yarns or threads or strands that make up one square inch of fabric. To get the listed thread count, you need to add the horizontal and vertical threads that make up the weave of one square inch together. For example, our Sophie Allport Bedding Sets have a cotton thread count of 200 – this means per one square inch of fabric, there are 100 vertical threads and 100 horizontal threads.

It's important to understand what each thread count means, however, the quality of the actual thread is what is most important, so ensure you look at what they are made from and what material is used rather than focusing on the thread count alone.

Our Guide To The Best Thread Count For Sheets

Does a thread count affect breathability?

It depends on the material of your sheets. Cotton sheets will have far more breathability than sheets made from polyester, sateen, flannel sheet or a mixed blend. The material itself is what makes sheets more breathable, not the thread count. That being said, often sheets with a higher count can be heavier, therefore blocking airflow. 

Our Guide To The Best Thread Count For Sheets

Is a high thread count better than a lower thread count?

The answer to this question is simply no. A higher thread count is not always the highest quality, bedding sets with a thread count of 800 to 1000 can often be a lot more expensive and have little change in softness than those that have a lower thread count.

A thread count above 1000 is unnecessary and often made from lower-quality material. Using too many threads can have a negative effect and will result in a heavier sheet that can block airflow due to the number of threads per square inch.

Our Guide To The Best Thread Count For Sheets

What is the best thread count for cotton bedding sheets?

Good bed sheets tend to have a thread count of 200, and there are many reasons why this is the ideal thread count. Bed sheets with a thread count of 200 still offer a high quality and soft feel, but also are light and airy, allowing your body to stay at the optimum temperature when sleeping. It’s important to note that when it comes to higher thread counts such as 800, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better, as they can feel thicker, denser, and heavy.

Our Guide To The Best Thread Count For Sheets

What to look for when buying bedding sheets?

Good quality sheets will help improve your overall sleep health. Our top three tips to think about when buying bed sheets are:

1. High-quality fabric

Ensure you choose a fabric that fits your needs. We would recommend a 100% cotton fabric, as this is a natural fibre that provides a high-quality finish with a soft feel. Cotton allows the body to breathe, which is why many clothing items are made from it. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic and even odour-resistant. It’s easy to maintain too! Read our guide on how to keep your cotton bed sheets soft!

2. The perfect fit

What’s worse than getting into bed and you have a saggy sheet that doesn’t fit your duvet correctly, or you have a wide opening that your pillow falls through? Our Sophie Allport bedding sets have a button fastening on the bed sheet, whilst the majority of our pillowcases feature an oxford style, adding a luxurious touch to your pillowcase. Looking for the best night sleep? Read our 10 tips to help you sleep better.

3. Stylish designed bedding sets

It’s important to enjoy the feel and style of your bed sheet set. Some people prefer a clean and crisp duvet cover that adds elegance to a bedroom, whereas others like a playful print that adds charm and character.

Our Guide To The Best Thread Count For Sheets

We’ve got plenty of designs to choose from, including some brushed cotton sets for a cosy winter, with matching throws and decorative cushions available too! Having a design that suits your style will make getting into bed much more enjoyable, however, we can’t promise you’ll want to get out in the morning! For high-quality sheets discover Sophie's beautiful collection - shop single, double, king and super king-sized bed linens here.

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  • I am looking for duvet covers and sheets that resist, as much as is possible, cat hair. I invested in very expensive cotton sheets but they became unusable after two uses. the cat adhered like glue. was it the TC? or is there a synthetic combination that would work or something you can recommend? a pet site recommended cotton but that turned out to be a disaster. Thank you!!!!

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