10 Ways To Help You Sleep Better

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10 Ways To Help You Sleep Better

I think all of us at some time have wished we could sleep better. Sleep is vital for a positive mood and allows our brain and body to function. Not getting enough sleep or having poor quality, interrupted sleep can have negative effects on our memory, emotions and capacity to learn. We often rely on sugary snacks or caffeine kicks to give us the boost of energy we need to get through a busy day. We've come up with ten top tips to help you sleep better, from comfy bedding to sleeping better, read our sleeping tips below. 

10 Ways To Help You Sleep Better
  1. Have Regular Sleeping Hours. Going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time each day can help programme your body's internal clock, helping you to sleep better. This is also useful for children in the household and is likely to help you begin to wake up naturally, without hitting the snooze button five times! If you're a fan of a lie-in at the weekend, try to keep this no longer than an hour, to keep your body rhythm in check. 
  2. Have A Comfortable And Restful Bedroom. A comfy mattress can help reduce morning aches and pains and crisp, clean bed linen will entice you to go to bed (rather than fall asleep on the sofa). Keeping your bedroom clean and tidy along with limiting noise from TVs and clocks will help you drift off to sleep. Sophie is a big fan of a sleep mask if you struggle to fall asleep in a light bedroom.
    Sleep mask by Sophie Allport
  3. Keep Your Bedroom An Ideal Temperature. Being too warm can make it difficult to fall asleep and can also increase the likelihood of nightmares and sleepwalking. Being too cold can also cause you to wake up in the night and certainly won't help you spring out of bed in the morning, when it's, well... just so cosy! Choosing a duvet that can be altered to be a greater tog of warmth in the winter and thinner in the summer is a cost-effective method of controlling your temperature, along with having an extra blanket or warmer pyjamas in winter. 
  4. Exercise During The Day. Gentle exercise throughout the day can help to relieve stress and tensions within the body, by decreasing the levels of stress hormones in the body. It is important though to do any intense exercises such as running or long gym workouts earlier in the day, whilst sticking to more gentle exercises like yoga and walking in the afternoon, to allow you to drift off to sleep quicker. 10 tips for sleeping better
  5. Avoid snoozing unless it's bedtime. It can be tempting after a long day to flick the telly on, stretch out on the sofa and 'rest your eyes' or 'have a power nap.' In the long run, cat naps and quick rests negatively impact how easy it is for you to fall asleep at bedtime, along with a decrease in the quality of sleep you'll receive. 
    10 Ways To Help You Sleep Better
  6. Avoid Caffeine Before Bedtime. Caffeine is a stimulant, so can prevent you from falling asleep. It's best to limit your intake and avoid drinking tea or coffee in the evening. There are plenty of caffeine-free alternatives that can even help you fall asleep - such as a herbal chamomile tea or a hot milky drink. 
  7. Relax And Wind Down. A relaxing bath with a scented candle followed by putting on your favourite PJs can help set you up for a restful night's sleep. The warm water combined with a good book or quiet music will help to relax your body and mind. Sleep tips - Sophie Allport bedding
  8. Scent Your Bedroom. Aromatherapy is commonly used to help people who have trouble sleeping. Popular scents include lavender and rose - it's often suggested their soothing scents can help you relax and prepare you for sleep.  
    10 Ways To Help You Sleep Better
  9. Keep Electronics Out Of Your Bedroom. We are spending increasing amounts of time during our day staring at TVs, computer screens and phones, along with eBooks, tablets and fitness trackers. However, the type of light they emit can affect your body's release of melatonin - the sleep hormone. We're all guilty of a late night scroll through social media, checking your emails one last time or browsing gift ideas for the uncle who's a nightmare to buy for... but as the minutes pass by, the morning creeps closer and you'll feel much more refreshed if you spend this time sleeping instead. 
  10. Keep Pets In Their Own Bed. 45% of UK households own a pet, with around half of these allowing their pet to sleep in bed with them. As cute and cuddly as they are, cats and dogs can wake you up in the night! It may be best for your pet to have their own bed, to help everyone to sleep better. 

10 Ways To Help You Sleep Better

We hope our tips will help you sleep better, let us know if you have any other tricks that help you to sleep like a baby!


  • Practical and informative! I always keep a small pillow, wrapped in a sealed plastic bag,in my fridge,to take out on hot nights as my cool substitute!

    Robert Williams on

  • Hello, Many thanks for the sleep tips. I have found that putting a drop of pure lavender oil on the corner of my pillow (or alternatively, sprinkled on a tissue and popped into your pillow case) is a great relaxation aid and usually helps me to unwind and fall asleep. You can also mix a couple of drops of lavender oil in some carrier oil, such as almond oil, and massage it into your pulse points. Never use the oil undiluted though, as it is too strong for use on skin.

    Carole on

  • Hi Dennis, we haven’t tried this before but we know lavender is believed to help promote calmness and wellness! I do hope it works for you though, best of luck!

    Paige @ Sophie Allport on

  • I have Restless Legs Syndrome for which I take medication which only partially helps. I have been told by a friend that putting a bar of lavender soap near ones feet in bed is a big help.This friend said she heard about this from another source so today I purchased a bar of your lavender soap so here goes tonight. Have you heard of this property of your soap please.? Thanks

    Dennis Baker on

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