Living room décor ideas and home styling tips

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Living room décor ideas and home styling tips

It’s simple to create a relaxing and cosy room which features style, class and is the perfect place to sit down and read a book or have a much-needed catch-up. If your room is feeling bare and cold, or you want to mix up your living space and living room decor, then Sophie’s room styling tips is just what your home interior needs.

Peacocks Collections by Sophie Allport

1. Add feature curtains. When it comes to living room design and styling ideas, adding feature floor-length curtains brings warmth and cosiness to the space and creates a focal point, this is especially important if you don't have a feature wall. Sophie’s Peacock Fabric by the Metre makes the perfect backdrop offering a warm stone background, with Sophie’s vibrant peacock illustrations that flourishes vibrant hues of indigo and shades of emerald, turquoise and aqua blues.

Sophie Allport Peacocks Collection

2. Display character. Showcase the things you love. This large vintage lantern adds texture and style to this room and fills up empty space with its character. Meanwhile adding cosy cushions makes this spot instantly relaxing and comfortable. Sophie adds her favourite white roses to the table, which are the perfect go-to flower for all occasions and add an organic element to this room, which brings it to life.

styling a room by Sophie Allport

3. Add feature cushions. These beautiful midnight blue Peacock Knitted Cushions are ideal for making a statement and match perfectly with Sophie's armchairs. Adding statement features really brings this room to life, with warm tones and vibrant colours.

ideas for home decor

4. Accessorise your side table. Adding a few books to your side table or coffee table will help balance the room and make it feel lighter. It’s the small accessories that make the difference when it comes to home styling, and Sophie’s Peacocks Mug sits perfectly on top.

home styling tips by Sophie Allport

5. Add a relaxing atmosphere with candles. Candles can transform a room and create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. In addition, they smell incredible and once lit they also make a welcoming environment. Cluster three together to create an elegant look.

making a cosy room by Sophie Allport

6. Add more flowers and foliage. By adding more greenery and flowers into this setting it really brings the room to life and creates a more energetic environment. A living room is a central part of any house and should be a welcoming room for all guests. Sophie’s Peacocks Jug looks wonderful displaying her pretty roses.

living room decor ideas by Sophie Allport

7. The finished setting. Light the candles, pop down your cup of coffee and enjoy your newly styled room.

Sophie Allport peacock collection

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas on living room décor and watched as this room has transformed from cold and bare to warm and cosy. Sophie’s Peacocks Collection has brought a host of colour into this living room – which of Sophie’s designs would you use to style your living room? 

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