Five Kid’s Bedroom Ideas For Creating The Perfect Room

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kid's bedroom ideas by sophie allport

Are you thinking about redecorating your children’s bedroom, but you’re stuck for inspiration and kid’s bedroom ideas? Well, look no further, we’ve come up with five tips for creating the perfect place for your little one.

  1. Create a multi-purpose space. When it comes to creating an exceptional bedroom for your child, it’s vital to think about how you will utilise the space. Their bedroom needs to be a place they want to spend time in, from playing with their toys to falling asleep at night. Rooms in a home appear in all different shapes and sizes and are often smaller than we expect, which is why it’s essential to look at how you can maximise the space you have. A high-rise bed frame will work perfectly for a smaller room and create a large play space below, meanwhile multi-use kid’s bedroom furniture, such as a side table can also work excellently as a bookshelf or desk, freeing up additional space to play.sophie allport space collection
  2. Get the kid’s involved. As soon as you decide to decorate a child's room, you should remember that it is their personal space. Ask their thoughts on designs, themes and colours schemes and let their personality shine. In the long run, it could work out in your favour as they are likely to take ownership of their room and may even help clean it occasionally. We love this safari bedroom inspiration which features elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, warthogs, zebras and rhinos, all of which were inspired by Sophie’s childhood holidays to Africa. For more children’s bedroom inspiration, see our range.safari kid's bedroom ideas by sophie allport
  3. Add texture and warmth. By keeping it simple with a neutral tone on the walls, you'll be able to change and update your kid's bedroom whenever you want using soft furnishings, which can completely transform a dull looking room into something spectacular. Curtains, bed sets, blankets and cushions add warmth and cosiness to a room, the ideal accomplice to getting your child off to sleep quickly. Our fabric by the metre can be used to cover headboards and is a quick and easy way to add patterns to a room and can be easily applied with a staple gun for those not expert in upholstery techniques. As a child grows their interests also change, which is why soft furnishings are an excellent thing to include when decorating a kid’s room. Sophie’s unicorn collection is timeless, featuring magical rainbows, shimmering stars and radiant unicorns. Who doesn’t love unicorns?unicorn bedroom ideas
  4. Be creative with storage. Storage solutions are remarkably handy in any bedroom and allow you to tidy away all toys, mess and distractions, especially when it comes to bedtime or homework time. Sophie’s On the Farm backpack and Space backpack hangs on the wall beautifully with this simple shelving and hook unit. This easy storage solution works well if you are short for space and have a small room, making use of its features.
    children's bags by sophie allport
  5. A bedside table is a must-have. Natural light is essential in a kid’s bedroom throughout the day, but when the nights draw dark, especially in the autumn and winter months, a table lamp or nightlight is key for reading bedtime stories and creating a calming night-time atmosphere. Choose a lampshade that perfectly matches and compliments your room for a non-cluttered kid's bedroom inspiration

We hope you have enjoyed our five children’s bedroom ideas. If you are planning to redecorate or revamp your child bedroom, then check out the Sophie Allport kid’s home collection. We’d love to hear your tips when it comes to decorating. Let us know in the comments below.

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