How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

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How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

There’s nothing quite like jumping into a cosy bed with fresh, clean sheets – it’s one of life’s simple pleasures! Not only is it pleasing and comforting, but it’s also good for your health, keeping dirt and germs from your sleeping routine.

We have lots of bedding setsthrows, and cushions in Sophie’s much-loved designs, which are perfect for refreshing the bedroom throughout the year. Are you looking for tips on how to wash bed sheets and keep them soft? Read our tips below on washing your bed sheets correctly. 

How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

How to wash cotton bed sheets

Firstly, when washing your cotton bedding, always refer to the instructions on the care label. This will include vital information and universal symbols showing you how best to care for and wash your bedding. We recommend the below for our Sophie Allport bedding sets:

  • Wash at 40
  • Separate dark and light colours
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Tumble dry on low
  • For best results and to remove creases, iron whilst slightly damp

How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

5 simple steps to washing your sheets

Read our simple steps for washing your bed sheets effectively. 

Step 1: Strip your bed

Remove all your bed sheets from your bed, including your pillowcases, duvet cover and bottom sheet.

Step 2: Pop your bedsheets in your washing machine

Put your bedding sheets and pillowcases into the washing machine. Always thoroughly check for rogue items like socks and pyjamas that might sneak in, as it’s important to split out any darks and lights. If you’ve got extra space in the machine, you can pop in a few cotton t-shirts that are of the same colour. It’s important to avoid overloading the washing machine as you want to ensure thorough cleaning. 

How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

Step 3: Add your washing detergent

We recommend using a non-biological detergent containing no optical whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes that can cause colours to fade or  damage the fabric. Depending on your washing machine, measure the correct amount of detergent and place it into the washing machine or the designated compartment. Also, check to see if your detergent already has a fabric softener.

Step 4: Choose your wash cycle

We recommend washing at 40 degrees, although some modern machines may have a specific cycle that’s made for bed sheets.

Step 5: Once finished, it’s time to dry your sheets

Once your washing machine has finished, it’s time to dry. In the warm summer months, you can air dry outside, then for the colder months, use your tumble dryer. We’d suggest tumble drying on a low heat setting and ironing on a warm temperature. For best results and to keep your bed sheets free from creases, iron whilst slightly damp!

How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

How often should bed sheets be washed?

For optimum cleanliness and fresh sheets, we’d recommend washing your bed sheets once a week. This will eliminate germs, dust, mites, pollen, dead skin cells, sweat, dirt and much more from your sleeping routine. If you sleep with pets in the bed, then we’d recommend washing your bed sheets every 4 days, this will remove any other bacteria and pet hair that might build up. Washing your bed sheets regularly is good for your health and can help reduce acne, eczema, allergies, infections, and other skin irritations.

Should I wash bed sheets with warm water or a hot/cold wash?

All our bed sheets are made from 100% cotton. We’d recommend machine washing them at 40 degrees to avoid shrinkage, but also ensure your bedding is thoroughly cleaned. All natural fibres will shrink over time; however, you can prolong this by washing and drying them at the correct water temperatures. We would never recommend washing or drying your bedsheets at excessively hot temperatures or with hot water because this will cause more shrinkage than usual.

How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

Why should I split my lights and darks when washing?

We’d suggest always splitting out your dark and light colours and washing these separately to avoid any dye running from other clothing or items. We’d also recommend never bleaching your bed sheets to keep them white, as this can do the opposite and cause unwanted yellow stains.

How often should I wash decorative bed cushions and throws?

It depends on how often you use them. If you're using a throw or bed cushions to sleep on every night, then you should wash them every week with your bedding. However, if they are for decorative or occasional use, then once or twice a month would be fine. Pet owners, however, should wash once or twice a week to avoid pet hairs and dirt from animals.

Learning how to wash bedding sets, cushion covers, and throws might seem easy, but always read the care guide label provided on each item. Some materials like linen, wool or even polyester blends might need more attention or need dry-cleaning to protect the fibres of the material.

How To Wash Our Cotton Bed Sheets To Keep Them Soft

We always suggest having a set of sheets and bedding sets to choose from when it comes to swapping your bedding every week - that way you can quickly update your bedroom décor and style throughout the year. Do you have a favourite Sophie Allport bed linen set? Let us know in the comments below.  

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