How To Help Your Kids Celebrate Father’s Day

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Help kids to celebrate Father's day

Father's Day is just around the corner! Luckily, many members of the Sophie Allport team have had lots of practice at helping their children celebrate the day with their Dads, so we put our heads together to share some our best ideas with you...        

Father's Day Things to Do with the Kids

  1. Help them make him a Father’s Day card. Perhaps a card seems a little bit sentimental, but there's not a Dad on the planet who doesn't like to feel appreciated. Your kids can show him how much they love him (perhaps by writing down one or two things they like best about him or think he's really good at) and all they’ll need is your help to create the card they’ll write their message in. The card doesn’t have to be a work of art, and it’s bound to prompt a smile when he sees his portrait drawn in felt-tips with various bits of sparkle attached!
  2. Help the kids to bake him a cake. Fasten a set of apron strings around your little ones’ waists and help them get to work in the kitchen. A chocolate and Chocolate Guinness cake is sure to go down a storm, as is a lemon cake or a rhubarb crumble... especially if it's devoured mid-afternoon with a cup of tea. If he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth then try out our easy homemade pizza dough recipe and finish with his favourite toppings, which is sure to go down lovely! Things to do for Father's Day
  3. A picnic in the park or head out to the beach. If quality time is something you struggle to fit into your day to day plans, why not help your children to celebrate by organising a family picnic? Fill your picnic bag with lots of yummy sandwiches and his favourite snacks, grab your picnic blanket and head out for the day making lots of lovely family memories.Things to do for Father's Day
  4. Assign jobs to older kids. Older children are capable of doing a little bit more for Father's Day than their younger siblings, so why not enlist their help to make Father's Day perfect this year? Assign jobs like remembering to feed the dog, watering the plants and even mowing the lawn, explaining that sometimes it's doing something for our Dad that shows him how much we appreciate him. Many Dads among the Sophie Allport team have commented that they would love a day where they didn't have to any jobs to do, so this just might be the perfect present.
  5. Assist the kids with gift buying. Finally, we all know how hard it can be to buy the right gift for someone, but children have a particularly hard time getting it right. You could help them to buy him a present this year by setting them a budget and letting their imaginations run wild, or you could gently offer them a few suggestions based on what you think he'd really like. Check out our gift guide for every type of dad! Father's Day things to do

How will you celebrate Father’s Day this year? Let us know.

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