Create A Summer Cocktail Bar

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Create A Summer Cocktail Bar

The long-awaited arrival of warm and bright summer days is just around the corner, which means planning summer garden parties, BBQs, and picnics is soon to be on our to-do lists. With the launch of Sophie’s Cocktails collection, we’ve got inspirational ideas and tips for the perfect garden party cocktail bar. 

Cocktail bar for summer parties with melamine beaker and lemons

  • Every summer garden party needs a cocktail bar or drinks station, and we’d suggest two, one for adults and then another one filled with soft drinks for designated drivers and kids. A drinks area makes a beautiful aesthetic statement, but it’ll also stop everyone from traipsing back and forth to the kitchen.
  • To create a cocktail area, you’ll need a solid surface area (to help avoid spillages). You can be creative with this or keep it simple. We’ve stacked some white crates together for this gorgeous cocktail bar, but you can easily use a table draped with fabric. 
    Drinks station for a summer party
  • Use drinks dispensers with taps on and keep ready made pitchers in the fridge for an easy top up. This will require less hassle and management throughout the day and allow you to enjoy the party.
  • Keep a bucket of ice nearby stocked with some of your guest's favourite mixers, whether that's soda water, orange juice, pineapple juice or ginger beer. Are you looking for tasty cocktail recipes and cocktail inspiration? We’ve got plenty of delicious drinks for you to try at home, discover them here.
    Person pouring a drink at a homemade cocktail bar
  • Keep napkins and tea towels close by for any spillages. We’re opting for Sophie’s summer Cocktails design which is pretty and practical, adding a splash of colour but essential for keeping your station mess free.
  • Avoid smashed glasses by using melamine instead. Melamine is perfect for any summer party, picnic setup or BBQ and can be reused throughout the year! We’ve got a wide range of summer melamine to choose from including bowls, dinner plates, side plates and beakers.
  • For a summer display that is vibrant and fresh, use lemons, limes, and oranges for a decorative finish. You can even add a potted shrub of mint leaves or thyme for guests to pick their own garnishes and add to their drinks. 
    Homemade cocktail bar ready for summer parties
  • Summer party heading into the night? Finish your cocktail bar by adding fairy lights, which will ensure a charming feel with a soft flickering glow in the evening.

Add a touch of summer to your home with Sophie Allport's Cocktails collection

We’re serving up a slice of sunshine with Sophie’s stunning Cocktails collection! Excellent for freshening up your home and getting into the summer spirit. With kitchen and table linens featuring a beautiful aqua ground colour dotted with delicious cocktails that will shake things up. You’ll also find a range of picnicware, perfect for sipping back and relaxing!

Are you planning a summer garden party or birthday party and have ideas you’d love to share? Tell us about them in the comments below and let us know your favourite cocktails too, whether it's an Aperol Spritz, Gin Cocktails, or even a Bloody Mary.

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