How We’re Keeping Sophie Allport Customers Safe In Our Shops

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We’re so pleased to welcome our customers back into both our Bourne and Stamford shops from the 1st July, we really have missed you. The safety of our customers and staff is of the utmost importance to us and shopping as we know it has changed, we have put in place numerous safety and hygiene procedures at both our shops to help protect our customers and staff.

Sophie Allport New Shop Safety Policies

Hand sanitiser stations

We have an infra-red hand sanitizer unit located at the front of our shops; we kindly ask that you sanitise your hands before shopping with us.

Limits on the number of customers in our shops

To maximise social distancing we have put limits on the number of customers in our shops at any one time, to control this, there will be a member of staff near each entrance who will assess and control the flow of people coming in and out of the shops.

Sophie Allport New Shop Safety Policies

Social distancing signs

There are signs around both our shops to remind customers to social distance at all times, we kindly ask that you respect other people in the shop as well as staff members. Please allow only one person on the stairs at any given time, and please step back to let people pass safely.

Cashless payments only

To minimise contact and cross-contamination we ask that you pay by card and use contactless methods where possible to reduce further contact.

Sophie Allport New Shop Safety Policies

Screens at the till

We have installed Perspex screens at the front of our tills to minimise contact between staff and customers. When being served please wait on the ‘Please Wait Here’ sticker until called to the till. Then place your items on the table provided and step back to the sticker while a staff member processes your items. When asked please step forward to pay at the till and step back whilst your payment goes through. After your payment has gone through, please collect your items from the table.

Extensive cleaning procedures

Both our shops will be frequently cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, especially surfaces and objects that are touched regularly. Our baskets will be cleaned after every use and if you would prefer to obtain a new item from the stock room as opposed to the shop floor, please let a member of staff know and they will happily help with this.

Sophie Allport New Shop Safety Policies

Shop Opening Times

Please note that both shops will be closed between 1pm and 1.30pm every day, to allow the team to have a lunch break, we appreciate your patience at this time.


Sophie Allport
26-27 High Street

Monday - Saturday 9-5pm

Sunday - 10-4pm


Sophie Allport
The Old Brewery
Spalding Road
PE10 9WG

Monday - Friday 9-5pm

Saturday - 10-4pm 

Sophie Allport New Shop Safety Policies

We understand that this is new to everyone, including us, and we want to keep our customers and staff safe at all times. If you are unsure of anything while in-store, please ask a member of our friendly team, they will be happy to help.

If you are visiting our Stamford shop, you might notice something a little different, it has had a complete makeover! We’ve put together a behind the scenes for you so you can see the before and after. 

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