4 Incredible Dogs The Sophie Allport Team Love

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Amazing dogs the Sophie Allport team love

Did you know that 24th June is ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ here in the UK? It started in 1996 and is dedicated to raising money for charities that make a difference to the welfare of dogs across the country. We love the idea of doing whatever we can to help our four-legged friends here at Sophie Allport, and we especially like the idea of bringing our pooches into the office to keep us company while we work… doubtless, our dogs will have a positive impact on our productivity, morale and general well-being (so long as they behave!).

Amazing dogs

Inspired by this charitable event, the Sophie Allport team have put their heads together to come up with a list of incredible dogs that we’ve fallen in love with. See if these dogs pull at your heartstrings too?

Herding Dogs. The Sophie Allport team are a relatively rural bunch, living out in the countryside and developing lines that are perfect for country living. So, it’s no surprise that we’re kicking off this list with lovable herding dogs. Border Collies are well known for their intelligence and obedience, and there’s nothing we love more than watching our local Collies masterfully herd sheep from field to field. Did you know that Border Collies are also used to remove unwanted wild birds from airport runways and golf courses too? Amazing dogs Sophie Allport team love

Military Dogs. Doubtless, you’ll have heard stories about the courage, bravery and loyalty of military dogs used to help in conflict zones all over the world. But have you heard about Lucca, the military dog who lost her leg when sniffing out a roadside bomb? Luckily, Lucca lived and has been awarded a PDSA Dickin meal, the highest award for animals serving in military conflict. Lucca’s owner is understandably proud of his pooch and says that she’s the only reason he made it home to his family and that he’s lucky to have served with her. We like to imagine that Lucca is being spoiled in her retirement.

Search And Rescue Dogs. The Sophie Allport team have also fallen head over heels for search and rescue dogs like Mij. As a puppy, Mij suffered health problems that meant she couldn’t follow traditional search and rescue training techniques, and as a result, she was going to be put down. Fortunately, Mij’s owner refused to have her put her down and instead taught her a different method of scent tracking. This saved her life, and in turn, Mij has saved many, many human lives throughout her career, becoming Britain’s number one search and rescue dog before she retired in 2013.Amazing dogs the Sophie Allport team love

Guide dogs Finally, we have a soft spot for guide dogs here at Sophie Allport. They’re utterly lovable, but more importantly, they help to provide mobility and freedom to people who are blind or partially sighted. We’ve learnt that Labradors are often chosen as guide dogs because they make excellent aids for their quick intelligence, high energy and desire to please. We’re in awe of the work that guide dogs do, and we bet there’s not a closer bond on the planet than the one between a man (or woman) and their guide dog!

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