Q&A with Sophie Allport on New Zebra Collection

Q & A

Sophie Allport

Our new Zebra Collection has just launched, and we caught up with Sophie to talk about all things zebra and what inspired her new striped collection…

Zebra Cushion

Why did you decide to use the Grevy’s zebra on your newest design?

I’ve always loved zebras, their amazing black and white stripes are so distinctive and beautiful. The Grevy’s zebras are listed as endangered, with fewer than 2,000 estimated to be left in the wild, which is why for me it was important to create the design around them. We’ve also collaborated with ZSL to launch the new Zebra Collection, which will help raise funds for the international conservation charity and support their vital work.

What was your design process for the Zebra Collection?

A strong coffee in one hand and pen in the other! When starting any design process, I’ll always be sat at my kitchen table with my favourite pen and two Labradors at my feet, it’s where I find that I concentrate best. I’ve always found horses difficult to draw and zebras have a similar silhouette, so at first, I was a little cautious but once the ink started flowing the creativity began.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I take inspiration from everything, the countryside, my three boys and everyday life. The Zebra Collection was slightly different, growing up we would often visit family in Africa and would see a variety of wildlife. I was lucky enough to go on an amazing family holiday last year to East Africa and we saw herds of zebra on the African plains, it was so spectacular!

Why is it important for you to work with the ZSL?

ZSL does an incredible amount of conservation work and we were so pleased to work with them on this new design. It was amazing to work with ZSL on previous collections like Elephant and Cheetah and it’s important for us to support the vital work they do.

Zebra Aga

This design is a little different than your usual country-inspired designs – what do you like most about it?

I love the little bursts of colour which can be seen through the products, the pinks, blues and yellows. Because of the black and white stripes, it’s also a design that works well with any home and is perfect if you are looking to freshen up your interior or create a modern look.

Can we expect any other new designs soon?

Now that would be telling…

Zebra Placemat

The new Zebra Collection is now available online! From buying the ZSL Sophie Allport collection you are helping to support ZSL’s vital conservation work, which you can read more about here. We’d love to know what you think of the new collection, let us know in the comments below.


  • Hi Sophie Allport. Love your designs.. But would love it if you could consider English setters as your next design. They have 3 beautiful colours, Blue Belton, orange Belton, and Tri(blue Belton with tan face markings and tan spotted legs) They one of the few Native breeds and are on the vulnerable breed list with KC in UK . Your design may help promote this beautiful breed and stop us from losing it in its True UK standard . For more information please contact the English Setter Association ( UK) .. and there’s quite a few owners that struggle to find anything with our English setters on! Louise Beasley

    LOuise BEasley on

  • I love your zebra design. I have a mix of your cats and cheetahs because I couldn’t decide which I like best. Now you’ve made the choice even more difficult – but in a good way! Keep up the lovely designs work! Oh, and I love your new shop!

    Jenny Stocks on

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