Q&A with Mary Allport

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Q&A with Mary Allport

We'd like to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day! We sat down with the mother hen herself, Mary Allport, Sophie and Jem's mum! We were delighted to talk about being a mother, grandmother and what Sophie and Jem were like growing up...

Q&A with Sophie Allport's Mum, Mary Allport

Do you know how you’ll be spending Mother’s Day this year? Do you have a Mother’s Day tradition?

Lunch with my children and grandchildren. No Mother’s Day tradition, however, if I’m lucky it usually involves a big Sunday lunch and games around the table.

What were Sophie and Jem like growing up?

They were very happy children and enjoyed each other’s company. They loved their annual holidays in Norfolk and they now go with their own children.

What’s it like being a grandmother?

Being a grandmother is just wonderful. As soon as they entered the world I had this instant love for them. They all give me so much pleasure.

Sophie Allport's Mum Mary Allport - Q&A

When Sophie and Jem said they were going to launch a business back in 2007, what was your initial thought?

My husband and I instantly said we would be right behind them, as long as Soph’s husband & Jem’s wife were in agreement, Jem had two very young children and Soph was heavily pregnant with her second child.

You must be so proud of everything they have achieved, but what is your proudest moment?

I have had so many proud moments! Perhaps when they were accepted to have a stand at The Chelsea Flower Show and winning their 5 gold star award, opening their shop in Stamford and most recently opening their shop in Bourne.

If you could pick one moment that really stands out to you throughout their childhood, what would it be?

Soph gaining a first class honours in her art degree and Jem passing his chartered accountancy exams.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was very happy and very simple, compared to today. No mobile phones or iPads! We played a lot of cards, which I have now taught my grandchildren to play.

When did you realise that Sophie was creative?

When her art teacher insisted Sophie took art at O level. Also looking at her art when she was in junior school she always had a gold star on the artwork.

Q&A with Sophie Allport's Mum

Is there a design that Sophie hasn’t created yet, that you’d love to see in the future?

Lily of the valley is my favourite flower, so I’m still waiting for soph to come up with the goods!

Best life advice?

Try and do the best you can at whatever you do and value your friends.

Sophie Allport Mother's Day Q&A

Best mother advice?

Always be there for your children and have an open door for their friends.

What everyone really wants to know… any embarrassing Sophie and Jem stories?

Now that would be telling... there are too many to know where to begin! They definitely shared a few giggles along the way and shared a competitive streak whilst playing long games of cards against each other, tennis, squash, table tennis, baseball, to name but a few! And don’t mention the throwing a glass of water over each other at the supper table whilst explaining a story thinking the glass was empty!

Quickfire Round – Mary's Favourite

Sophie Allport design: Hare but I love her new Zebra

Sophie Allport product: China

Flower: Lily of the valley

Food: Rare roast beef with all the trimmings

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  • I was very interested to read about Mary and her childrens early days. We have purchased items from Sophie in the past and the quality is excellent. My home town is Lincoln and after retiring from banking seventeen years ago after working in various parts of the country my wife and i returned HOME. At the Lincoln School I was in the same class as Sophies uncle Gordon and Mary’s brother David. David and I used to play tennis together out of school. Although a year or two younger than myself I knew Patrick and used to see him in Lincoln after we both had finished school. A lovely friendly person who I could always rely on a warm greeting whenever we met. Patrick would have been very proud of Sophie and Jem. I am very pleased to be able to share these thoughts with you Mary. Kindest regards, Peter.

    Peter Baldam on

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