Are Unicorns Real? What Is A Unicorn?


Are unicorns real?

Whether the word 'unicorn' springs to mind an image of sparkly white horned ponies prancing through a field of glitter or the mythological stealthy beast, there's no debating that these creatures have certainly taken the limelight recently. But are unicorns real?

These magical creatures are considered rare, special and unique which we think adds to their charm and popularity but the big question - are unicorns real?

Are Unicorns Real?

What is a unicorn?

Nowadays we recognise unicorns as horse-shaped animals, with a spiral-shaped horn projecting out of their foreheads. They are most commonly known to be mythical creatures which date back to the ancient Greeks. Do you love unicorns as much as us? Check out our Unicorn collection

Are Unicorns Real?

Where do unicorns live?

The first stories to mention unicorns date back to around 2700 BC... (that's over 4700 years ago, or 56,400 months!) They would roam around what we now call Asia, although nowadays it's said that unicorns tend to live in forests, and are rarely seen by humans. Although our unicorn backpack will certainly let them know you're on the lookout, and perhaps even up your chances of seeing one!

Are Unicorns Real?

Do unicorns have wings?

No! ..or at least we don't think so. The word unicorn originates from the Latin for 'one horn', implying that a unicorn has a horn. However, the mythological creature Pegasus is a similar horse shaped animal except with wings instead of a horn. Both creatures come from different legends, but we often mistake them in the present day. Turn your little one's room into a magical space with the collection

Are Unicorns Real?

Can unicorns fly?

As unicorns don't have wings, we don't think they can fly. However, the common mix up with Pegasus has led to cross over in the magical powers of unicorns, represented in movies and literature. Unicorns tend to gallop and bounce around, although there has been mention in the modern day of the Pegacorn - a unicorn with wings of a Pegasus... and therefore the ability to fly!

Can Unicorns Fly?

Whether they're real or not, we think these magical creatures are beautiful... and also pretty cool. Sophie loved designing the unicorn collection of homewares and gifts, children's melamine and unicorn bedding accessories. They are increasingly popular with little ones.... (especially the unicorn pillow pet!).

Are Unicorns real?

Let us know in the comments below if you have any more unicorn facts or questions. You can browse our sparkly range of magical unicorn homewares and gifts here!


  • I hope unicorns are real! I hope too see one once in my life.

    Jasmine P on

  • thanks for sharing the infor.mation….it is great…

    lilyaguite on

  • I wonder. I just saw a unicorn with wings depicted on fabric dated around 859 AD. I have also wondered about dragons. They seem to be in a lot of ancient works. Maybe they were leftovers from dinosaur eras, which many creatures have been. And maybe they were all wiped out in Early Times, pre 1000 ad.

    Linda in Colorado on

  • I don’t think unicorns are real but I kinda wish they were!🦄😢

    Sarah Coman on

  • I’ve never even seen a Unicorn before so I have no proof that a unicorn is real or not but I hope it is real

    Ryleigh Jackson on

  • Unicorns are real…they live in himalayans..india….stories about unicorns could be found on budhdhist scriptures about stories of private budhdhas….

    Roky on

  • I hope their real their so beautiful

    Emily on

  • I hope their real their so beautiful

    Emily on

  • I was doubting that they were real! I didn’t know there were fossils! (By the way, for your little sister just look up who invented it and show her)

    Maisie on

  • They are real! Scientists have found fossils to prove it.

    Tallulah Bryant on

  • My little sister thinks unicorns are real. Please how do I get her to believe that they are not real.

    Destiny on

  • But I love unicorns and if they are real please let us know and we’re to find the. So I can have a pet unicorn or pegasus

    Melissa on

  • My sister thinks unicorns are real. How do i tell her they’re not. HELP ME11!!!! please.!

    Erin-Mae Ravenhill on

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