6 Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs To Add To Your Collection


6 Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs To Add To Your Collection

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for dog lovers and pet owners? Our dog mugs feature sweet designs from Sophie and come in a smart gift box, making them easy to wrap. Wagging tails at the ready, we’re looking at 6 fine bone china dog mugs every dog lover needs for their collection.

1. Fetch Mug

This adorable cup makes the perfect tea and coffee companion, featuring Sophie’s illustrations of dachshunds, cockapoos, dalmatians, jack russells, west highland terriers, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, British bulldogs, schnauzers and chocolate brown Labradors. It’s perfect for those who have some of these sweet breeds.

An excellent cup for sipping your tea whilst your beloved dog curls up on their pet bed for an afternoon snooze. This fine bone china dog mug is available in two sizes, standard holding 275ml and large holding 423ml! Why not treat a loved one to a new dog mug for their birthday or Christmas?

Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs

2. Terriers Mug

For those terrier lovers! This super adorable fine bone china mug is inspired by Sophie’s border terrier Margot, dotted with lots of cute doggies on the white bone china ground. It’s the perfect cup for sipping your morning coffee whilst letting the dog out for their morning garden sniff.

It pairs perfectly with our dog-inspired kitchen linens - complete the set with the matching Apron, Tea Towel and Double Oven Gloves.

Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs

3. Dachshund Hot Dog Mug

If you love dachshunds as much as us, this fine bone china mug is perfect for you! It features longhaired and wirehaired dachshunds on a simple white ground. You’ll also spot on the inside rim the words ‘Hot Dogs’ in Sophie’s signature handwriting!

Did you know all our fine bone china is hand decorated and finished in Stoke on Trent? It makes a thoughtful gift idea for loved ones, and this dog-inspired mug makes a perfect gift for dog lovers. Pair with our Fetch Hot Water Bottle, featuring an adorable dachshund on a teal ground - it makes an ideal chilly day companion, excellent for cosying up with a hot chocolate.

Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs

4. Fab Labs Mug

Inspired by Sophie’s love for Labradors and her beautiful dogs, Florrie and Mabel, these patterned coffee mugs will add charm and character to your collection. Featuring black, yellow, fox red and chocolate Labradors, it’s the perfect mug for dog owners or country dwellers. We often get asked: ‘are fine bone mugs dishwasher and microwave safe?’ Yes, our fine bone china is dishwasher and microwave safe, making them perfect for reheating your drink and then popping it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs

5. Woof Mug

Brighten up your collection with our woof mug featuring a range of dog breeds, including beagles, dachshunds, spaniels, and fox red Labradors! Woof! is written in Sophie’s handwriting on the inside rim, making it perfect for dog lovers. Excellent for making a cup of tea and dunking your biscuits, and whilst the kettle is on, why not treat your dog to a biscuit of their own from their favourite treat tin?

Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs

6. Spaniels Mug

Well known for their faithful temperament, affection and social skills, this fine bone china cup makes a thoughtful gift for spaniel owners, featuring Springer, Cocker and Cavalier King Charles! It’ll make a paw-fect addition to any collection.

Why not pair it with the matching kitchen linens for the ultimate bundle? You’ll find a matching Apron, Tea Towel and Double Oven Glove in the design. Paws up if you love a bit of coordinated baking!

Must-Have Bone China Dog Mugs

Our high-quality fine bone china dog mugs feature wonderful prints from Sophie – looking to care for and keep your china in its best condition? Read our blog on How to Remove Tea and Coffee Stains From Mugs! You’ll also spot a beautiful selection of stoneware from Sophie too, we love these Dalmatian and Dachshund designs, whilst this Fetch Bamboo Travel Mug is perfect for on-the-go. What’s your favourite dog cup? Let us know in the comments below.

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