4 Fail-Safe Surprises for Mother’s Day


For one reason or another, Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up us on here at Sophie Allport. The lull after Christmas and Valentine’s Day (and our daydreams firmly focused on Spring sunshine and warmer weather) means that Mothering Sunday tends to slip our minds until we’re reminded to start shopping for those all-important Mother’s Day gifts. But this year, we’re getting a head start on everyone else, so why not do the same if you fancy pulling off a Mother’s Day to remember? Here are four fail-safe surprises for Mother’s Day that are bound to leave your mum feeling every inch as special as they are.

Mother's Day gift ideas from Sophie Allport

  1. Breakfast in bed. There’s something extra decadent about staying in bed and having someone bring you a steaming cup of tea or coffee in a fine bone china mug while the rest of the world gets on with the day. But the trick is to tiptoe downstairs as quietly as possible (little helpers included) and set up a beautiful breakfast tray to present her with. We recommend serving her favourite cereal (with cold milk in a jug to the side to keep her cereals lovely and crunchy) as it’s an easy and mess-free breakfast to eat in bed or even a warm croissant for a real treat. Remember to leave enough room on the tray for freshly cut flowers and a copy of her favourite magazine.Mother's Day Ideas by Sophie Allport
  2. A Spa Day. If you’d like to splash out on a more special treat, why not surprise her with a trip to the spa for later on in the year? Book her a 60-minute treatment so she can truly relax and unwind, and consider going the extra mile with afternoon tea to look forward to. This is a thoughtful treat that’s particularly lovely when shared with sisters, grandmother’s and special friends - after all, who doesn’t enjoy catching up while wrapped in warm, fluffy robes?
  3. A Movie Night. If your budget doesn’t stretch quite so far this Mother’s Day, a movie night in the living room will be just as much fun. Of course, you’ll need to hand over complete control of the remote and remind her she’s free to pick whatever film she likes (no complaints!), and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to chill a bottle of wine in the fridge too. Remember to buy her favourite snacks, dim the lights, then snuggle up under blankets and spend some quality time together without breaking the bank.
  4. A Home-Cooked Meal. For a Mother’s Day idea that’s just as cosy as a movie night but hints at an extra special effort, how about cooking a home-cooked meal? Enlist little helpers to set the table (we’re always impressed with a clean tablecloth, flickering tea lights and beautiful glassware), then set to work in the kitchen rustling up her favourite dinner. Whether it’s a simple roast chicken with a seasonal salad and fresh bread, or something spicier and full of flavour, she’s bound to feel appreciated. Don’t forget dessert, and consider putting together a playlist of her favourite songs to really set the mood for a lovely Mother’s Day. And seeing as this special occasion always falls on a Sunday, sort the lunchboxes, school uniforms and book-bags well in advance… that way there’s nothing for her to do after dinner but lounge on the sofa in her PJs. Mother's Day Ideas by Sophie Allport
Will you consider any of these ideas for Mother’s Day this year? We’d love to hear what you’re planning, or hoping for!

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