Top five baking trends for 2019


Top five baking trends for 2019

With Bake Off season fast approaching, we’ve teamed up with Baking Heaven magazine to take a look at the baking trends that look set to explode in 2019! From subtle decorative techniques to full-blown baking designs, we won’t be at all surprised to see some of these trends crop up in a certain tent sometime soon...

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  1. Buttercream decorations: From artistic, pattern-based designs to intricate detailed edible illustrations, there’s so much that can be done with humble buttercream. It’s not just for cake coating! See one of Baking Heaven's favourite tutorials here. Baking trends - buttercream decoration
  2. Drip and drizzle cakes: Okay, okay, these definitely aren’t a new trend for 2019, but the standard of the drip and drizzle-style cakes just keeps getting upped! Straight edges and flat tops are key for the success of these cakes, and opting for a drip that’s the same colour as your cake coating (rather than contrasting) is a great way of updating the look. Baking trends - drip and drizzle cake
  3. Number cakes: This trend is the epitome of simple yet effective! Perfect for any birthday, anniversary or number-based occasion, number cakes can be elegantly decorated with super-easy piping work, macarons, edible flowers, or any kind of delicious treat at all. Take a look at some number cake inspiration here. Baking trends - number cake
  4. Fault line cakes: The newest trend on the block is easily fault line cakes. While reminding us a little of the geode crystal cakes that were popular back in 2017, these bakes use two different decorating styles to create an awesome, quirky finish. Try and create your own here! Baking trends - fault line cake
  5. Ombre cakes: Move over rainbow cakes! Ombre cakes are a stylish way to introduce colour to your bakes, both inside and out! Starting with the deeper colours at the bottom, the ombre effect can also be replicated in the decorative work for maximum colour-fade brilliance. Learn how to create the effect here. Baking trends - Ombre cake

Let us know about any other baking trends you love...


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