9 Signs Of Summer


9 Signs Of Summer

Have you been opening the curtains to glorious summer sunshine where you live? The team at Sophie Allport has (in between the classic British summer drizzle now and then!) We’re enjoying those dazzling rays of golden light waking us up in the morning, but what’s getting us really excited are those other signs of summer. You know…these ones:

Signs of summer

  1. The flip flops have pride of place beside the backdoor, conveniently kicked into the corner to be slipped on and off as we walk in and out to hang the washing, check on the children and water the flower beds. Which reminds us…it’s probably time we painted our toenails.
  2. The daily teeth brushing, ‘yes you have to eat your breakfast’ and ‘please get dressed now’ battle has an extra component…the dreaded fight to apply sun cream! Do your children screw their faces up as if they’re being forced to endure a unique torture method you’ve devised just for them? Tell us it’s not just ours that do that! signs of summer
  3. Overseeing our kids pouring juice and smoothies into moulds to pop into the freezer for healthy, refreshing ice pops on a sweltering afternoon. We’re tempted to try a fizzy version for the grown-ups too!
  4. Our Instagram feed is filling up with images of friends wearing sunglasses, cold glasses of wine in the garden and glorious dog walks across the fields. Why not follow the Sophie Allport team’s Instagram profile and show us your summer snaps?!
  5. You're craving a summer salad. There is something so refreshing about a cold and crispy salad on a warm summer's day. You certainly know that summer is here when your fridge is stocked up with three different types of lettuce. 9 signs of summer
  6. Bending over to pick up your toddler’s sunhat as they tear it off for the hundredth time is beginning to feel like a work out at the gym. If only they could understand why their little heads need protecting from the baking heat!
  7. Checking the weather forecast multiple times during the week and crossing your fingers that the rain will hold off for long enough to roll out your Sophie Allport picnic blanket. We’ll be filling up our Sophie Allport picnic cool bags with delicious treats and heading to a windy beach with our portable BBQ. Do you love a family picnic? Check out our blog with five hacks for picnic season!9 signs of summer - picnic

  8. Wrestling our youngest into their beds with protests, such as “but the sun is still up” and “but so-and-so is still up”. We know…but it’s your bedtime! 10 signs of summer - kids bedding
  9. Due to the lovely weather and the apparent mammoth effort it takes our children to pull on a pair of shoes, their little soles are black with dirt from padding around the garden barefoot – even after they’ve showered (which, as we all know, just means standing under the water).

Let us know your favourite signs of summer in the comments below!

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