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It’s no secret that we adore dogs here at Sophie Allport. We’ve lost count of the number of paws that make our homes (and office!) a lovely place to be, and there’s nothing we love more than hearing the thud of wagging tails against the floor. So if you fancy finding out more about this playful breed then read our Dachshund facts ... Last month we celebrated the launch of our adorable new Pug collection with this post, sharing five lesser-known facts about the loveable little breed. This month we’re just as excited to tell you all about our marvellous new Dachshund range - a teal-coloured collection featuring both the longhaired dachshund and the wirehaired dachshund that will delight sausage-dog-lovers everywhere!

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  1. They’re one of the most popular breeds in the UK According to the Kennel Club, dachshunds rank in the top twenty breeds in the UK right now. They’ve recently featured in TV adverts, in television programmes and are making something of a stir on social media, with lots of influencers enjoying their company and playful personality. The UK still loves labradors, but here at Sophie Allport we simply can’t choose a favourite…which is why we’re head over heels for our dog ranges, including the terrier range and the ‘Woof’ range that features many breeds!
  2. You might be pronouncing their name incorrectly If you’ve been calling dachshunds ‘dash-hounds’, we’re sorry to say you’ve got it all wrong. The correct way to pronounce this breed’s name is ‘dakhs-hoond’, but it’s OK to stick with the pronunciation you feel most comfortable with… many of us simply opt for ‘sausage dog’.Dachshund facts - Sophie Allport dog bed
  3. Their name means ‘badger hound’ While they might only be a little breed, be careful not to underestimate dachshunds. They’re lovely family pets, but they’re feisty little dogs when it comes to hunting. ‘Dachs’ means badger, and ‘hund’ means dog, and this breed is well-prepared to burrow into badger dens and take on mammals that are just as big as them!
  4. There are more than 15 colours of dachshund Doubtless you’re familiar with tan, black and red dachshunds, but did you know that there are actually 15 ‘colours’ of this adorable breed? Keep your eyes peeled and you might just start to notice them: black and cream, chocolate and fawn, and even ‘blue’ and cream are fairly common combinations. Dachshund facts - Sophie Allport dog beds
  5. Queen Victoria made them popular Queen Victoria made many things popular in the UK, including Christmas trees and white wedding dresses. But what you might not have realised is that she was a big fan of dachshunds too. She’s believed to have said “Nothing will turn a man's home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a dachshund”, and frankly, we couldn’t agree more…
  6. They tend to enjoy long lives Unlike larger breeds, dachshunds are lucky enough to generally enjoy long life spans. The average dachshund will live for approximately twelve to sixteen years, which is plenty of times for walks in the woods and snuggles on the sofa. In fact, the oldest dachshund was a pooch from New York who lived until the ripe old age of 21. 
  7. They’re the smallest hunting breed As their name suggests, dachshunds have been bred for hunting, making them every inch as important as larger working breeds such as pointers, springers, Labradors and other bigger dogs. Dachshund facts - Sophie Allport homewares featuring Dachshunds
  8. They’re beloved by artists Well-known artists favour this playful little breed, including Andy Warhol (he often took his sausage dog to interviews) and David Hockney (see if you can spot his two dogs in some of his work). Picasso himself was said to have fallen in love with his friend’s dachshund - and who can blame him? 
  9. Dachshunds are talkers This is one of our favourite Dachshund facts. Some dogs have a tendency to be quiet and reserved… but not the dachshund! This breed is known to be rather vocal about how they’re feeling, barking and postmen and alerting you to whatever they perceive to be a danger. So, don’t be surprised if you hear a rather loud noise coming from that rather little body.
  10. They’re a little greedy, too Finally, don’t be fooled by their petite stature - dachshunds have big bellies and an even bigger appetite. Of course, they’ll need careful monitoring if you want to keep them in tip-top shape, so be sure to give them a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. If you enjoyed our Dachshund facts take a peek at our 'Dog Facts You Didn't Know' post. If you’re lucky enough to count a dachshund among your family members, we’d love to see them.

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