5 Things You Might Not Know About Pugs


Facts about pug dogs

With their snuffly noses, adorable faces and quirky little tails, it’s easy to see why we’re all crazy for the lovable, loyal pug. There’s nothing a pug loves more than being the centre of attention - in fact, this breed is said to be a clown in a dog’s body - and their playful personality and desire to please makes them perfect for a walk through the park or a cuddle on the sofa. You know their snorts, grunts and snuffles, but what else do you know about this adorable breed? Here are five things you might not know about pugs, but be warned… you’re about to fall even more deeply in love with them!

Pug facts

    1. They’re An Ancient Breed. Pugs may have risen in popularity in recent years, but they’ve been around an awful lot longer than you might have realised. Pugs are thought to have originated in China in 400BC, spending their days on the laps of Emperors in complete luxury (which might explain why they still stroll around like they own the place). As a result, this charming, loving and mischievous breed is actually one of the oldest on the planet.Pug facts
    1. They’re Not The Most Athletic. With an average running speed of 3 to 5mph, pugs aren’t the best companions for a morning jog. But, they’ll happily trot alongside you for a leg stretch, and they’ve more than enough curiosity and enthusiasm to make up for their lack of athleticism. In fact, this breed is perfect if you don’t have much time for dog walks, and they make good pets for city-centre living too.
    1. A pack of pugs is called… a grumble! But don’t be fooled - while pugs can be a little stubborn and strong-willed, there’s nothing grumpy about a pug. They’re said to be a whole lot of a dog in a little package, and they’ve endless enthusiasm and affection for every other canine and human they meet.
    1. Pugs Tend Not To Bark. Some breeds are perfect for standing guard and alerting you to strangers… but not the pug. This barrel-shaped breed tends not to be particularly vocal, but what they lack barking, they make up for by communicating in other ways. Their expressive eyes tell you all there is to know about how they’re feeling, and their snuffling, snorting and snoring is certainly loud enough to let you know they’re there. pug facts
    1. They Sleep For Up To 14 Hours A Day. Pugs are a snoozy, sleepy breed. Dozing for up to 14 hours a day, they tend only to wake for food, attention and affection. But who can blame them?! Just be sure to spend plenty of time with them when they are awake if you want your pug to feel safe and secure. With their expressive eyes and diminutive size, we simply can’t enough of the pug. Have they stolen your heart too? Check out our Pugs collection if you feel the same way as us: we have pug neckerchiefs and beds for your four-legged friend to wear, aprons for passionate pug-parents, and plenty more pug homewares and accessories to bring buckets of charm and cheer.

    Pug facts

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