Behind The Scenes Of Our Valentine Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes

Valentine photo shoot

We had great fun on our Valentine photo shoot last Autumn. The star of the day was our LOVE-ly hearts collection. The custom date of infatuation is on the horizon! Whether you’ll spend the day starry-eyed or disregard it for just another day in a busy week; we thought it would be the perfect time to give you a peek at how we styled the day. Step behind the scenes with us - starting with the idyllic breakfast in bed.

behind the scenes - valentine's day photoshoot for sophie allport

A romantic set up was perfected but the pressure was on to ensure no red berries or coffee spilt on the crisp white sheets before the final photo was in the bag!

behind the scenes on the sophie allport valentine's photoshoot

Despite the fairy early morning start, it’s only right that someone checked the chocolates tasted as delicious as they looked... Sophie's dark chocolate addiction was fully revealed to all involved in the shoot!

behind the scenes on the sophie allport valentine photoshoot

The dinner table was set for two and the photographer started to work her magic. There were also plenty of volunteers to see the safe… 'disposal' … of the brownies and desserts.

behind the scenes on the valentine photoshoot

Sophie adds the finishing touches to another divine looking breakfast to get that perfect AGA shot!

Last but not least is the valentine photoshoot finalé! The shot that brings out the perfectionist in everyone. “Glasses slightly to the left, please… No, the other left! Has anyone got a five pence coin?”

behind the scenes on the sophie allport valentines photo shoot

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day! There are some 'date' ideas on our blog if you need some inspiration! Let us know what you get up to...

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