Behind The Scenes Of Our Peony Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes - Peony photo shoot

It's always a challenge to crack a summer photoshoot in October when the ground is covered in leaves and the team are wrapped up in ski jackets! We tried hard to capture the perfect outdoor summer shots on our Peony photoshoot. Can you spot the telltale signs of Autumn in this 'behind the scenes' moment as Sophie drapes the throws across the seating area?

We started with the flowers - of course beautiful pink peonies and a selection of roses in shades of pink and red - quite a challenge to find all these flowers in October! They were trimmed and arranged in jugs and vases to add a splash of summer colour to the shots.

It always takes so long to lay the table perfectly. The roulade was rolled, the cakes baked and the teapots and mugs filled. Peony placemats, napkins and china were then laid out so our photographer could capture the tempting tea setting from all angles! Here she is capturing the overhead shot...

And then onto the side angle!

We then moved indoors to tackle the kitchen shots showcasing the Peony fabrics and china around the AGA. Here Sophie is positioning those sugar cubes 'just so' and adding the mug to finish the setting.

With the outdoor and kitchen images done, it was now time to tackle the lunchtime challenge! Pesto pasta was on the menu and the fabrics, flowers, food and china were laid up for the next round of photographs.

Next it was time to review the photos and make sure we had everything we needed. 

peony behind the scenes

And here are some of the finished Peony photoshoot shots! The AGA photograph showcasing the Peony collection of kitchen accessories.

And the indoor lunch setting in all it's summer glory!

And the outdoor setting showcasing the tableware and summer tea party scene!

Have you ever been involved in a challenging photoshoot? We'd love to hear your stories. Let us know what you think of our Peony collection.  

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  • What a lot of hard work and thought goes into your photo shoots with stunning results. Your attention to detail and true creativity and love for nature in your shoots reflect completely your beautiful product range. Many Thanks .

    Jean Burrows on

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