Behind The Scenes Of Our Dog Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes

We were feeling remarkably optimistic arriving at Sophie’s house one sunny Autumnal morning for our dog photoshoot – eight tireless dogs trapped inside one home, what could possibly go wrong? The line up consisted of five Labradors, one Dachshund and two Pugs! Crufts would have been proud of the calibre in these well-trained canines!?! A very wise man once said; “Never work with animals or children” - as it turns out, he was quite right! Yet just like a defiant toddler (except armed with cameras and dog treats, rather than a soggy blankie) our team chose to ignore that golden advice. We had quite a productive morning, starting off with the more obedient in the pack. Who’s a good girl? Winnie the Wire Haired Dachshund certainly was!

Dachshund facts by Sophie Allport

Meanwhile, the Labrador teenagers were less fond of being up and dressed at this unearthly hour.

behind the scenes on the dog photoshoot for sophie allport

They did, however, independently verify the new beds as very com-fur-table (and trendy enough to be seen in by their friends).

Behind the scenes - dog photoshoot

Once Arla was kitted out with her new neckerchief, she transformed into SuperPug and took it upon herself to patrol both the house and garden ensuring all treat distribution was fair and just.

behind the scenes on the sophie allport dog photoshoot

Sophie’s Fox Red Labrador Florrie showed her younger sister Mabel how to sit and pose professionally. Puppy Mabel was just interested in tummy rubs! Amateur!

How do you get a Labrador to drink out of a mug?

behind the scenes of the sophie allport dog photoshoot

“Daft humans, you know I’m not a fan of Earl Grey... and you’ve forgotten my biscuit. The service around here is truly ap-pawling!” Meanwhile, the two pugs were showing off the length of their tongues and flatly refusing to look at the camera!

behind the scenes on the sophie allport dog photoshoot

The Labradors were also having a tongue competition and getting bored of sitting quietly...

behind the scenes on the sophie allport dog photoshoot

Did someone say 'Walkies?' The Chocolate Lab broke ranks ... who's first in the garden? That's a wrap... time for a well-deserved cuppa (or something stronger!?) for the Sophie Allport team! Have you ever tried to professionally photograph animals? We’d love to hear your stories and see any photos of your own dog photoshoot!

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