The perfect brew: getting it down to a t(ea)

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The perfect brew - making the best cup of tea

When it comes to drinking tea from lovely mugs, we're spoilt for choice here at Sophie Allport. And, being a British company, tea of course holds a mystical, magical hold over each and every one of us...whether we're sipping a cup over breakfast, pouring a flask in the countryside, or curling up with a brew on the sofa, we tend to find tea works its way into almost every aspect of our day!

But, what makes the perfect cup of tea? And what does the way we drink our tea say about each and every one of us? Well, that's a tricky question. Our (not very scientific) research reveals that brewing a tea bag for 2 minutes, adding a splash of milk and giving it a quick stir suggests you're a traditionalist...unfussy, down to earth and appreciative of the small pleasures in life. And a breeze for whoever's doing the tea round! On the other hand, if you're someone who prefers a teacup and saucer filled with Earl Grey, you might see tea as more of an 'event', and take comfort in always being ready to welcome unexpected guests. (You might also be about to slice into a homemade Victoria sponge, and thus are precisely the sort of person we'd like to befriend).

Making the perfect cup of tea

Or, if you'd opt for a milky brew with a sugar (or two), you're probably someone who likes to indulge and treat their inner child - and why not? You're worth spoiling! Regardless of what your tea says about you (and it would appear it's a non-exact science, wouldn't it?), there is one thing we can all agree on: tea is a staple of British tradition! In fact, it’s such an institution that there are more than a few things we could highlight… For example, sayings such as "a storm in a teacup", "not for all the tea in China" and "not my cup of tea" are idioms that would baffle and bewilder a tourist...but make perfect sense to us Brits. 

Did you know, too, that British war tanks are equipped with tea-making facilities? And that 95% of all tea we consume in the UK is made using tea bags, and as many as half of all Brits take tea bags on holiday with them! We’re mad about the stuff!

how to make the perfect cup of tea

So, as a nation of tea-drinkers, and an office of tea-lovers, the team here at Sophie Allport have a few tips to leave you with… take turns making tea for everyone in the office, don't complain if it's not made to precisely your liking, and never, ever steal someone else's kettle water! But above all, don’t overthink it: the way you drink your tea, what you drink your tea from, and how you prepare it for others, is as unique as you are. So…why not pop the kettle on?

Making the perfect cup of tea


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