Planning a Virtual Baby Shower Ideas and Tips

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Planning a Virtual Baby Shower Ideas and Tips by Sophie Allport

Who doesn’t love a baby shower? It’s a time when friends and family can all meet up, enjoy some cake, play some games and celebrate mum and her pregnancy. This year has been a little different for everyone as we’ve been unable to meet with our loved ones as we would usually, and celebrations have been put on hold. But that doesn’t mean your baby shower can’t happen... the world of video call is here to save the day. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help throw the perfect virtual baby shower with friends and family. 

How to plan a virtual baby shower

Pick your venue

Okay so it’s not the kind of venue we’re used to, you’re not looking for a fancy hotel or private room in a restaurant, we’re talking about the place you’ll be hosting your virtual baby shower. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and Houseparty are all excellent choices for hosting your virtual meet up.

How to plan a virtual baby shower

Send out your invites

You can still make it an event that people get excited for, send out e-invitations to those you want to invite and don’t forget to include the link to where it will be hosted, just so they know where to go on the day. The good thing about doing a virtual baby shower is that most people will be able to attend as they don’t have to worry about childcare, travelling or other plans.

How to plan a virtual baby shower

Make mum feel special

If you’re planning the baby shower for mum to be, then send a little something to make her feel showered with love and add some decorations to make her feel like she is physically at a baby shower. Balloons, baby banners, bunting, a mum to be sash are just a few ideas to make it feel a little bit special. You can even treat mum to a lovely botanical candle, sleep mask or slippers to help her relax in time for babies due date.

How to plan a virtual baby shower

Shower the baby with gifts

Send your gifts straight to their door. We’ve got some lovely gift ideas for babies from beautifully soft swaddle blankets and hat sets to babygrows and changing bags. Perhaps everyone could send a copy of their favourite childhood book with a personal handwritten note inside, this makes a special keepsake gift idea. Struggling with baby shower gift ideas? Check out our baby gift ideas and our checklist essentials for new mums.

How to plan a virtual baby shower

Send a goodie bag to your guests

Send a little bag of treats, games and an itinerary to your guests ready for the day. Perhaps add a recipe for a mocktail or cocktail that everyone can make before the event, any paper needed for any games you have planned or even cupcakes (because everyone loves cake). Some people even reveal the gender of the baby at their baby shower, if you wanted everyone could find out at the same time by biting into their cupcake to reveal either pink or blue sponge!

How to plan a virtual baby shower

Plan baby shower games and activities 

After you’ve had a good catch up with everyone, it’s time to play some fun baby shower games, and although you might not be there together, there are lots of quizzes and games you can play to make it a fun event. 

  1. Name that nursery rhyme – play different nursery rhymes and everyone has to write down and guess the name. This is sure to take everyone back to their childhoods.
  2. Who’s that baby? – ask all your guests to send you a photo of them as a baby and everyone has to guess who is who. If no one want’s to share their baby photos, you could use celebrity ones instead.
  3. Who knows mum best quiz – a fun quiz for all to see how well they know mum to be, make the questions fun and all about mum! You could include questions like what has she been craving throughout her pregnancy? What shoe size is she? What's her favourite food/drink?
  4. Guess the weight and date - finally, ask everyone to send in predictions of the babies arrival date and weight. The closest person wins a bottle of wine once the baby is born. 

Are you planning a virtual baby shower? We’d love to hear all about it, let us know in the comments below!

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