How to Wash and Look After Your Tea Towels

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How to Wash and Look After Your Tea Towels

When you think about the 24-hour life of a tea towel, it can go through quite a bit of dirt and grime, which is why it’s essential to wash them properly. Caring for them will not only increase their longevity but it’ll also keep bacteria at bay in the kitchen.

Tea towels are mainly used to dry dishes, but they are also frequently used to mop up spillages, wipe down sides and dry hands (we much prefer a roller hand towel for this though). We’re taking a look at some top tips and best practices when it comes to washing and caring for your tea towels.

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How to wash tea towels

Tea towels are pretty and practical, and add decorative flair to the home, which is why it’s important to keep them in the best condition. Read our top tips below on the best ways to wash your tea towels.

  • Our Sophie Allport tea towels should be machine washed at 30 degrees.
  • Always ensure that you always separate your washing into light or dark colours, this will avoid any dye fabric crossing over.
  • For best results, select a non-biological detergent containing no optical whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes that can cause colours to fade or become patchy and can also damage fabrics.
  • If hand washing, do not place the detergent directly onto the laundry, but ensure liquids are dispersed and powders completely dissolved before immersing the items.

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How to dry tea towels

Washing and drying fabrics correctly will help eliminate creasing and make ironing easier. Natural fibres crease more when new, but with time the material softens, and this will reduce – this can often be seen in those made from a 100% linen fabric like this beautiful Bees design.

  • Line drying is ideal for leaving your laundry outdoors-fresh and almost crease-free but using a tumble dryer at the correct setting also gives good results. A peg bag is a must-have essential when it comes to line drying, they make pretty and practical laundry room accessories.
  • When using a tumble dryer, do not over-dry laundry and remove it promptly to reduce creasing. Smooth out and reshape everything, paying particular attention to borders and hems.
  • For best results and if you want zero creases in your tea towels, iron whilst still slightly damp, using a steam iron. If fabrics have become bone-dry, we advise re-damping with a water spray before. We know ironing is a love-hate relationship, but our selection of ironing board covers can make it much more enjoyable. For more information on ironing, read our simple guide for beautiful and wrinkle-free items.
  • All fabrics carry care instruction labels showing the universal symbols. Please refer to these labels and always follow the care instructions given. All natural fibres will shrink a bit when washed. Please follow the washing guidelines on the product label.

How to Wash and Look After Your Tea Towels

How to fold and store tea towels

  • When folding tea towels, fold them in half lengthwise, and then fold them in half again width wise. Once folded, you can roll the tea towel. This not only works well for easy storage but can also be impactful for a decorative display in the kitchen.
  • When storing tea towels, ensure that they are kept in a dry place. If stored in a damp area, they may become mouldy and discoloured. Additionally, make sure that your tea towels are not placed in direct sunlight, as this can cause them to fade in colour.
  • If the towels are in a humid environment, you can add silica gel packets to help absorb any moisture. Additionally, tea towels should be stored away from any harsh chemicals such as detergents or fabric softeners, as these can cause the material to break down over time.

How to Wash and Look After Your Tea Towels

When is the right time to buy a new tea towel?

Tea towels are durable and with the correct care they can last for many years, so it really depends how well you look after them. We like to swap our kitchen linens round from season to season – it’s a great way to change your kitchen interior without having to redecorate. We’ll store them away for the following year, so they’ll still be looking beautifully fresh. Our Strawberries Tea Towel Set is perfect for adding summer sweetness, whilst our Woodland Walks set will add a cosy autumnal feel.

Sophie Allport Bees Tea Towel

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