Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

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Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Tablescapes are like no other, they are here to stay, and we personally can’t get enough of them, whether you’re setting the table for a special occasion or just fancy sprucing up your dining room or outside space for alfresco dining. Here’s how you can create your own nature and wildflower-themed table setting with Sophie Allports Poppy Meadows design at home.

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Location, location, location

It goes without saying that a wildflower-themed table setting would be situated perfectly within a meadow, surrounded by bees and butterflies flying from flower to flower with the sun shining down. The reality of having an actual meadow at hand is quite unrealistic, but there’s plenty you can do with the spaces you have at home. For an outdoor setting in the garden, reposition any pots of flowers you might have so that they form a backdrop for your table and position your table in a bright spot.

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Start with coordinated linens 

For a floral-inspired table setting, Sophie’s Poppy Meadow design is sure to tick all the boxes, featuring the colourful spectacles of quintessential poppy meadows with a warm neutral ground colour, celebrating with blossoming red, pink and white poppies, delicate British bluebells, cornflowers, and an abundance of buds ready to burst. The warm natural background pairs excellently with a wooden table, adding warmth and a rustic feel. You can also opt for a white linen tablecloth for a cleaner style like below.

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Choose a colour theme for your accessories

Pair the colour of your table accessories with your chosen table linens to elevate and complement your setting. We’ve opted for pastel pinks and dreamy blue dinner candles to coordinate with the colour pallet featured on Sophie’s Poppy Meadow table linens. A little plate of colourful macaroons would make an excellent visual addition and a tasty treat for guests.

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Vintage glassware adds charm and character 

Glassware adds elegance to any setting and is the perfect way to add charm and character. For our wildflower-themed table setting we’re choosing a vintage set for a romantic look. Crystal glassware would work perfectly as well, and by nightfall will help reflect the flickering of candlelight across the table. For dinner parties where you want to impress, don’t be afraid to lay out your finest glassware. Top tip: keep a drinks trolley close by with an ice bucket, so you don’t have to travel too far for a top-up!

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Style your seats with comfy and cosy accessories

Pretty and practical, add comfort by scattering plenty of cushions across your chairs and benches. If you’re outdoors, fill a wicker basket with blankets and throws for guests to keep warm once the sun goes down.

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

A floral display is essential

Display a mix of jugs and vases filled with your favourite flowers across your setting. You can even pick flowers and foliage right from the garden. Play around with different heights but try to keep them wispy, whimsical, and wild-looking with lots of space around them, so you can still easily see everyone at the table. Top tip, add a sprig of lavender to your napkins and tie with twine for a rustic, country look! It makes a lovely addition for guests and will ensure your napkins smell divine.

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Add sparkle and shine for the evening

For outside table settings, use outdoor lighting to illuminate your space during the evening. Ensure your outdoor lighting is on different levels around your space. Perhaps hang string lights above the table, use latten’s on the floor and wrap fairy lights around tree trunks! This will help light up your plants and make a magical display!

Create A Wildflower & Nature-Inspired Tablescape

Love florals, poppy meadows and wildflowers as much as we do? Shop Sophie’s Poppy Meadow collection which brings the outdoors in! We'd love to hear about how you got on with creating your own nature and wildflower-themed table setting. Let us know in the comments below. 


  • Hi Sophie I’m looking for unbreakable but stylish mugs is this something you could do? Thanks Vanessa

    Vanessa on

  • Hi Anne, Yes we do offer a larger size mug which includes our Stag pattern – you can shop it here: Best wishes, Paige from Sophie Allport

    Paige from Sophie Allport on

  • Do u have your larger size mug with Stag pattern ? I would like 2 .

    Anne Catten on

  • I like blue flowers Chicory Bluebell Harebell Delphinium (auvora blue) Sea Holly (blue leaves,stem,bracts and flowers On a cream background with forget me not heads all over. Amazing

    Patricia Rigby on

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