7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

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7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

With hardy little daffodils hinting that spring isn’t too far away and the occasional afternoon warmed by the late-winter sun, it’s soon becoming the right time of year to blow out the cobwebs and embrace a bit of spring decorating in your home. We’re looking forward to seeing big blue skies and gleeful little lambs, and we’re eager to inject freshness and vitality into our homes. Read Sophie Allport to find out her top expert tips to styling the kitchen this spring with her Rose collection.

1. Switch out your kitchen linens

An easy way to switch up the kitchen and add a touch of freshness is to simply change over your linens. Choose a design that fits your style and personality! For 2023, we’re seeing trends of florals, with an abundance of colour to bring the outdoors in. Use kitchen rails and hooks to hang your linens, meaning they are always easy to reach - this will add texture and warmth to the space too!

7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

2. Take some time to organise

Organisation is essential, especially when it comes to a busy kitchen. Storage jars and tins are pretty and practical, keeping food organised and fresh. Open shelves are great for staying organised, don’t be afraid to use them to add colour and character, whilst decorating with items that you love and cherish and want to keep out on display. They are also great for stacking dishes, bowls, cups, and plates, as well as trinket pieces that add personality whilst still being practical.

7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

3. Add flowers to the kitchen

Bring the outdoors in with fresh blooms scattered around the kitchen. To make the most of your flowers, have a focal feature arrangement, then scatter smaller blooms in bud vases, this can be on shelves, across the kitchen table, and on the countertop. Potted herbs make a great feature too - use hooks to hang them from shelves or pop them on the windowsill. It’s a great way to add greenery and life to every corner of the kitchen.

7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

4. Add those extra touches

Those little finishing touches make all the difference. Brass cupboard handles add charm and character to any kitchen and pair perfectly with neutral and dark cupboard tones. It’s an easy way to add style and elegance to the kitchen. For country charm and character, we love our etched bee designs, which add a subtle signature touch without being over the top. Another great tip is to hide any unsightly plug sockets with wooden chopping boards and utensil jars. It’s an efficient way to keep clutter at bay.

7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

5. Set the kitchen table

When it comes to setting the kitchen table for afternoon tea or a light lunch, choose fresh table linens that will brighten up the area. A white table opts for a clean aesthetic, or choose a gingham tablecloth to add country charm. A table centrepiece is a must, and nothing beats a beautiful cake or a floral bouquet. Play around with different heights of florals but try to keep them wispy and whimsical - this way you'll still easily be able to see everyone at the table. Top tip, add a sprig of lavender to your napkins and tie with twine for a rustic, country look! It makes a lovely addition for guests and will ensure your napkins smell divine.

7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

6. A space for the dog

No country kitchen is complete without a dog bed in the corner or under the window. It’s a place for them to snooze the afternoon away after a long country walk, plus they know the treat tin isn’t too far. Fluff your pet bed or mattress up every few days to keep it comfy, cosy and full. I’ll always scatter a few dog toys on top - this adds a playful touch.

7 Kitchen Styling Tips & Ideas

7. Add a fresh scent

My final tip when it comes to styling the kitchen is to add candles and diffusers! Candles are a great way to make a kitchen feel cosy, especially when you’re cooking in the evening, or if you’re like me, working at the kitchen table. Diffusers will help mask any smells after cooking whilst looking pretty and diffusing a seasonal scent.

Love these styling tips? Add a fresh touch to your kitchen this spring with Sophie's Rose collection, it was inspired by her own fabulous rose garden, which blooms from May to October every year and fills her home with a soft, delicate fragrance!

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