6 Simple Things To Make You Smile

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Things to make you happy when you are feeling low by Sophie Allport

It’s a strange and uncertain time for everyone right now, with people working from home and in isolation meaning they can’t spend that valued time with their friends and family, or even around their colleagues. It’s at these pinnacle moments that we begin to realise that the smallest of things in life mean so much to us and can put that smile back on your face. I think we can speak for everyone when we say we all need a little positivity right now, so we’ve come up with six simple things that make us smile. 

1. A phone call from a friend or loved one

Speaking to your loved ones and checking in with others can lift your spirits, from talking about any worries you might have to speaking about everyday life. Luckily with modern technology, we can still speak to our friends and family over the phone or better still by video. Video is such a great tool right now and we should be making the most out of it. You'll be able to see your nearest and dearest smile and laugh which could really cheer you up when you're feeling down.

Simple things to make you smile by Sophie Allport

2. The kindness of strangers

Kindness is all around us right now, from neighbours leaving fresh eggs from their hens on peoples doorsteps to farmers giving out potatoes to the community. Even supermarket chains are opening their shops early to support NHS staff and key workers. The community spirit is something we should all be proud of and is lovely to know that we are all going through this together. Once we leave this crisis behind us, we can positively know that we have all been kind to one another, and that is something to smile about.

Little things in life that make us smile

3. Sunshine

Spring is finally here, and it’s brought the sunshine too! We all need some sunshine in our lives right now and it has unquestionably come at the right time. There’s nothing quite like waking up to blue skies, the sun shining and the birds tweeting. So open those curtains and let the light flood your home, better still sit outside and drink your morning coffee or eat your yummy breakfast at the patio table.

6 ways to stay positive and happy by Sophie Allport

4. Children laughing

The laugh of a child is such a joyful sound to hear, knowing there is still so much happiness in the world. Their innocent and carefree attitude is such a delight to be around, and although home-schooling might be challenging, think about all that quality time you are spending with them right now. From hearing your neighbour’s children happily playing in their garden to making memories of your own with your children. If you need a little boost of happiness, give your grandchildren, niece or nephew a call, see how much joy they'll bring to you. 

How pets can keep you happy by Sophie Allport

5. Our furry friends

The nation's pets are winning right now, with their beloved owners working from home and spending 24 hours a day with them. Our furry friends are at their happiest when we are home, and I’m sure they will show their appreciation from dogs greeting you with their wagging tail when you enter the room to a cat's reassuring purr curled up at your feet. Just seeing how happy and sweet they are at home with you is enough to keep you smiling.

Pretty flowers to keep you smiling by Sophie Allport

6. The beauty of nature

Nature has its own unique way of making each one of us smile and sometimes it’s the simple things that we take for granted each day, from birds singing to daffodils sprouting up. Now is the perfect time to head outside and into the garden, listen to the birds singing their morning songs, watch bulbs peek up through the earths soil and blossom beautifully forming on the trees.

We’d love to hear about the different things that make you smile daily and what you are thankful for. Let us know below in the comments.


  • Our road has its own WhatsApp group borne out of these challenging times & it’s wonderful to either contribute to helpful & practical ideas as well as bringing people together. 🏡😃

    Karen on

  • We both work full time and have four children under eight. We are both trying to work from home and juggle the childcare. A huge positive for us is spending unexpected time with the children who make us smile each and every day. Appreciate the little things ☺️This will pass!

    Kelly on

  • My husbands restaurant had to shut, he took all stock to a local food bank but the items with a shorter shelf life they couldn’t take. He brought loads home and I’ve shared it with neighbours, friend’s and even a couple of passing by members of the public. One friend works for the prison service and her colleagues are struggling to get milk and eggs so we gave them loads to help them out. I love the feeling it gives to help others, just to see the smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes that they can bake with their families or make a meal. It warms my heart. ❤️

    Christina Sayer on

  • What a lovely idea. For me the magic of Skype our little grandson only lives 4 miles away but we can see him and he can see us cheers us up no end. Got our comfy chairs out today and had morning coffee outside the weather has been marvellous and surrounded by our chickens and our cats. Then sat out there for afternoon cuppa. The kindness of all our surrounding neighbours and family there’s lots more to be thankful for but don’t want to waffle on!

    Lynne on

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