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Sophie Allport and ZSL (the Zoological Society of London) announced the launch of their latest collaborative design earlier this year, Giraffe, which extends their beautiful Animals of Savannah collections, which already features Cheetah, Elephant and Zebra. The most recent collection will help raise vital funds for international conservation charity, ZSL, and support their crucial work creating a world where wildlife thrives. Let’s take a little look at some positive news ZSL shared with us recently. 

ZSL works all around the world, helping to secure a future for wildlife. Their two Zoos, London and Whipsnade Zoo, play a vital part in conservation breeding programmes created to support endangered species worldwide. Most recently, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo welcomed a new addition to their 600-acre nature haven.

New Giraffe Calf at ZSL Zoo

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo welcomed a new arrival to their herd of giraffes after a six-foot-tall reticulated giraffe calf was born in the early hours on 8th December 2020. The calf was born around the same time the first COVID-19 vaccine was given to 90-year-old Margaret Keenan. To mark this memorable occasion and in recognition of the moment, the staff at the zoo named infant Margaret!

New Giraffe Calf at ZSL Zoo

Margaret is the second calf to be born to mum Luna at Whipsnade zoo and is a hugely positive boost for the population of this incredible species, which are classified as Endangered in the wild. This work is just a tiny part of the crucial work that ZSL do to support species like giraffes. Margaret has been born as part of the international conservation breeding programme set up to help the species, and every new birth is vital to their survival.

New Giraffe Calf at ZSL Zoo

Zoos across the country have seen a financial strain over the past year with zoos closing their doors to the public, however, conservation must continue, and ZSL has continued to support these animals in this time of need. It costs £10,000 a month to feed and care for the giraffe at Whipsnade alone, and with zoos losing their income from visitors, they have relied heavily on donations from the public. At Sophie Allport, we are so proud to be able to support this incredible charity.

How you can help: Through buying the ZSL Sophie Allport Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah or Elephant collections, you are helping to support ZSL’s vital conservation work. If you would like to get involved in supporting ZSL further, you can donate to ZSL by texting: ZSL 5 to 70500 to donate £5.

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