Simple Chocolate Roulade With Berries

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Simple chocolate roulade recipe with berries. Make a great Christmas yule log.

A simple chocolate roulade is always a winner. It's light and delicious and also gluten-free. Roulades also freeze really well so you can make them in advance. The reason we love this dessert so much is it looks impressive (but is actually really easy to make!) We've added blackberries and raspberries to the whipped cream filling to make a decadent dessert but you can add anything. Crystalised ginger works well as does flakes of dark chocolate.


  • 6 large eggs, separated
  • 150g (5oz) caster sugar
  • 50g (2oz) cocoa powder, sifted
  • Cocoa powder and icing sugar for dusting
  • 5 tbsp blackberry jam
  • 250ml (9fl.ox) double cream, lightly whipped
  • 75g (3oz) blackberries and raspberries


  1. You will need a Swiss roll tin (32x23x1 cm) lined with Bakewell paper.
  2. Heat your oven to 180C, 160C fan, Gas 4.
  3. Place your egg yolks in a bowl and whisk. Add the sugar and whisk until the mixture is thickened and pale in colour. It should leave a ribbon trail on the surface of the mixture.
  4. Fold in the sieved cocoa.
  5. Whisk the whites in a clean bowl until they form soft peaks. Fold one large tablespoon into the chocolate mix and stir to slacken the mixture. Gently fold in the rest of the whites. Do not over mix.
  6. Pour into the swiss roll tin and cook for 15-18 minutes until springy to the touch.
  7. Leave to cool completely; it will shrink back into the tin.
  8. Turn the roulade out when cold onto a large piece of Bakewell paper dusted with icing sugar.
  9. Carefully peel away the top sheet of paper.
  10. Spread the jam over the roulade keeping an inch free around the edges to allow for spreading.
  11. Spoon over the cream and then dot with the blackberries and raspberries.
  12. To roll up the roulade, lift up the paper of the short edge and gently roll the roulade over pulling the paper away as it rolls.
  13. Transfer to a serving dish and refrigerate until needed. To serve dust with icing sugar and cocoa powder.

A chocolate roulade makes a great alternative to Christmas pudding over the festive period. Simply pop a sprig of holly on the top and dust with icing sugar so it looks like snow!

Chocolate roulade recipe. Great alternative to Christmas pudding for festive period. Simple gluten free recipe.

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