Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

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Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

Looking for a cosy autumnal recipe? Then look no further! Our friend @dudu_eats provided us with the perfect solution for pumpkin season for those who prefer savoury over sweet. If you're a cheese lover then it'll make your mouth water and  belly grumble. 

Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats


  • 1 delica pumpkin
  • Salt and pepper
  • Garlic clove
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


  • 300ml white wine
  • 300g gruyere
  • 300g Gouda
  • 2 tbsp corn starch
  • 250g crème fraiche
  • Couple drops of tabasco
  • ¼ lemon juice squeezed
  • 1 shot of whisky
  • White pepper


  • Baby carrots
  • Radish
  • Radicchio
  • Water and 1 tbsp salt

Sourdough Ciabatta

  • Rosemary sprigs
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


Prep the Delica Pumpkin:

Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

  1. Preheat the oven to 180c fan
  2. Gently remove the top ¼ of your pumpkin and de-seed the pumpkin with a spoon Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats
  3. Place the pumpkin on a baking tray lined with baking paper
  4. Rub garlic clove inside the whole pumpkin, then add olive oil, salt and pepper, and season the inside of your pumpkin
  5. Place the lid back on and bake for 45mins-1hr depending on the thickness of your pumpkin
  6. The ideal softness is a fork can easily be pierced through the inside flesh- don’t over bake 
    Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats
  7. Let it cool without the lid
  8. Make your veggies and season the bread whilst you wait

Prep the veggies:

Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

  1. Use a peeler to delicately shape the baby carrots
  2. Place the vegetables in a large bowl and just fill with enough cold water to cover
  3. Add salt and leave to the side

Prep your Rosemary Ciabatta:

Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

  1. Slice your ciabatta into bite sized chunks and add to a large bowl
  2. Season with olive oil and rosemary springs 
    Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats
  3. Use your hands to coat everything
  4. Set aside (this will be warmed in the oven with the cheese later)

Make your fondue sauce:

Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

  1. When the pumpkin is out the oven cooling make the fondue
  2. Grate your cheeses in a medium sized bowl
  3. Add the corn starch to the grated cheese and coat evenly (this will make a smooth texture fondue)
  4. Use a medium sized pot, and turn the heat to medium high
  5. Add the wine until simmering, then allow to simmer for 1 minute
  6. Add tobacco drops, and crème fraiche to the pot and mix
  7. Gradually add handfuls of cheese whilst whisking in between 
    Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats
  8. Turn the heat off
  9. Add brandy and lemon juice and whisk

Bake the Pumpkin Fondue:

Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

  1. Pour the cheese mixture into the pumpkin
  2. Bake on grill 200c for 8-10minutes until golden
  3. Place the bread below on a tray and bake at the same time


Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats

  1. Drain your vegetables and dry them well
  2. Then toss in olive oil and salt
  3. Gently lift the baking paper with the pumpkin fondue onto a large plate/board
  4. Decorate with vegetables and rosemary ciabatta
  5. Dunk and enjoy the magic of melted cheese 
    Autumnal Pumpkin Fondue From @dudu_eats
  6. Top tip: grab a spoon and scoop the soft pumpkin and some cheese onto the bread for a stunning bite

Thank you very much to @dudu_eats for this delicious recipe! For that extra autumnal touch, find the matching home and kitchen accessories in our Pumpkins collection.  

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