Q&A with The Mum Club

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Q&A with The Mum Club

Is it just us, or do the kid's school holidays seem to fly by? With the countdown on until the new school year starts, we're getting ready for back to school! From choosing their new backpack and matching lunch bag to notebooks and pencil cases! We also caught up with The Mum Club to find out their top tips for getting back to school!

Q&A with The Mum Club

Tell us a little bit about The Mum Club and what you do?

Born out of a unique need for support throughout the monumental change that is motherhood. The Mum Club provides a community for women to meet, laugh, learn, discuss, and ultimately build supportive authentic relationships. Through local franchised events and an online experience, The Mum Club offers unapologetically honest insights, exclusive member offers and discounts from carefully curated brand partners.

What are your top tips for getting back to school with The Mum Club?

  • Don't leave it till the last minute. 
  • Name stamps are a must and you MUST stamp everything. 
  • Buy once and buy well! 

Q&A with The Mum Club

What’s your favourite family activities at the weekend?

Once your little ones start school the weekdays become a blur filled with packed lunches and after school clubs. The weekends suddenly have a new meaning of relaxing with your family instead of cramming in petting farms and playdates. Going for walks with picnics, board games and family meals around the table. Your little ones all of a sudden don't seem so little anymore. 

Any advice for new mother’s to be?

Take it slow, ask for help and don't be hard on yourself. Everyone mothers in their own way. 

Q&A with The Mum Club

Your Favourite Sophie Allport design?

In our eyes, you can not go wrong with a good leopard print. 'Cheetah' is our favourite. 

Your favourite Sophie Allport kids design?

 'What a Catch ' has to be a firm favourite for us. Especially right now whilst we are dreaming of warmer climates.

Have you got any back to school advice? We'd love to hear it, drop us a comment below! 

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