Q&A With Robyn Cox From Bettys

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Q&A With Robyn Cox From Bettys

Easter just wouldn't be the same without a little bit of indulgence, and our mouths are watering just at the thought of Bettys chocolate! You may have spotted Bettys chocolate Easter eggs making an appearance on our most recent photoshoot, so we wanted to catch up with the team to find out all about their chocolate! We caught up with the lovely Robyn Cox, Visual Merchandising Manager at Bettys.

Q&A With Robyn Cox From Bettys

Tell us a little about your lovely Easter eggs… they’re almost too pretty to eat! 

Aren’t they works of art? We treat them as such, wearing white gloves to handle them on photo shoots. It’s always a privilege to be styling our Easter photography for our brochures and online. We always treat the eggs with the respect they deserve, as they have taken hours to make.

Easter is a wonderful opportunity to make someone smile, by giving a gloriously gift-wrapped chocolate egg to a person you love. And if that feels good, imagine how it feels to make somebody not just smile… but jump up and down with delight, run around the room excitedly and grin with sheer, delicious satisfaction every single time they snap off a piece to enjoy. That's what makes Bettys eggs the most beautiful gifts this Easter.

Q&A With Robyn Cox From Bettys

What makes the perfect Easter chocolate?

We use the highest quality chocolate in all our Eggs, from the most elaborate looking to the simplest. Our limited-edition Spring Bloom Egg is made with elegant eau de nil coloured white chocolate, hand-decorated with royal icing flowers and a silver shimmer. For children, our classic Happy Easter Egg is an unforgettable gift, made from Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate and skilfully hand-piped in white chocolate with a royal iced 'Happy Easter' message.

Your top tip for decorating your home with chocolate at Easter?

Flat Egg may sound like a curious thing, but from a certain angle it makes perfect sense. We like to add this into our table settings as the perfect additional Easter treat. Our Pink Shimmer Egg is also the perfect pastel shade to decorate with the lovely Sophie Allport linens.

Favourite Easter indulgence?

Ohhhhh good question, well I think I’d say a lovely piece of Yorkshire roast lamb would be a real treat, still celebrating small this Easter, but at the moment, the little things really mean a lot, and I can just taste it now with redcurrant jelly and roast potatoes!

Q&A With Robyn Cox From Bettys

Easter Egg or Easter Cake?

Easter Egg. I’m a sucker for white or milk chocolate eggs.

Chocolate for breakfast Easter morning or wait until the afternoon?

Oh, maybe a little nibble of something sweet! Breakfasts on special days have become much more of an occasion recently, and my favourite is eggs benedict – so that’s still egg-related, right?

Favourite Sophie Allport Easter Design? 

Oh gosh, I have to pick only one? That’s so hard. When I think of Easter, I think of bunny rabbits, so I would go for the beautiful hare design. I also love the Sophie Allport bees design and think that would work really nicely with Bettys in another shoot.

Q&A With Robyn Cox From Bettys

We'd love to hear all about your favourite Easter treats! Let us know in the comments below. 

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