Q&A with Sally from Little Paddock Cottage

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Q&A with Little Paddock Cottage

If pretty cottages and a cute little cockapoo is something you need in your life right now then you've most certainly come to the right place. We caught up with Sally from @little_paddock_cottage and had a little glimpse into life at her beautiful cottage. 

Your home is just so pretty! What’s your favourite part about it?

My favourite part of my home is my kitchen. When we bought our house it was in a very poor state but it had a new conservatory at the back of the house, we thought about pulling it down but in the end, decided to knock it through to our then very dark kitchen and it has made such a lovely bright space.

How did you come about starting your Instagram?

I started my Instagram account a long time ago but never really used it properly until about 4 years ago. It is a great source of inspiration for me and I’ve met some lovely people through the app. There are some very talented people who without Instagram wouldn’t get their talents out there.

How cute is little Monty?! Tell us a bit about him and his personality…

Monty my dog is the love of my life, he’s 10 years old but acts and looks like a puppy, no one ever believes me when I tell them his age. There were hardly any cockapoos when we got Monty and people would stop their cars when we were out walking to ask what breed he is. He’s a very loving boy and runs around with a red blanket he’s had since he was a baby.

What’s a typical day like for you?

My typical day if I’m not working is normally spent creating something. I always have some sort of project on the go, last year I redecorated the whole house and this year I have plans for the garden. At least an hour of my day is spent walking Monty, we live on the common and it’s beautiful.

What is it that you love about cottages?

Cottages are my passion, I cannot resist a beautiful cottage. I love everything about them... cosy rooms, beams, wobbly walls, fireplaces and creaky floorboards. I drag my husband out to villages at the weekend just to look at other people’s cottages and to get inspiration for ours. My favourite place is Wherwell in Hampshire it has an abundance of thatch cottages and a lovely place to visit.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your décor?

My decor inspiration comes from many sources. Instagram, magazines, books, Pinterest and hotels we stay in. I always go with what I love rather than what’s in trend as I think a house should reflect your personality. My house is painted white in every room and I put colour in with textiles.

How did you get into crocheting?

Crochet has become a small business for me even though I have only been crocheting for 4 years. I taught myself and after many frustrating weeks and ended up with some sort of miss shaped blanket and I was hooked! I now make a blanket a week and sell them through Instagram.

What is one thing you feel most grateful for?

The thing I’m most grateful for is having a lovely family, I have a son and daughter who are both such nice people and I’m really proud of that. My husband really is my best friend and we do so much together, we just enjoy each other’s company, what more could you ask for really.

What is one thing people might not know about you?

The one thing people may not know about me is that I’m a life long vegetarian. I love animals more than anything and nothing upsets me more than animal cruelty.


Room - my kitchen as it’s the heart of my house where everyone gathers.

Feature of my house - is that my cottage is tucked away off a little lane in the common.

Meal - is Halloumi bake (it’s delicious)

Flower - this is a hard one as I love them all but I’m going to say peonies although hydrangea is a close 2nd.

Sophie Allport design - Bees collection. 

Sophie Allport product - Hard to choose but Monty loves his Spaniels Pet Mattress.

You can follow Sally's Instagram account: @little_paddock_cottage

Do you have a love for cottages? If so what's your favourite feature? Let us know below in the comments. 

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