Q&A with Laura From @laurahomeandlifestyle

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Q&A with Laura From @laurahomeandlifestyle

We've loved spending time at home over the past year, and we've definitely loved taking a peek into other peoples homes through their Instagram accounts! And talking about beautiful homes, we caught up with the lovely Laura from @laurahomeandlifestyle to talk all about her Suffolk farmhouse! 

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

We love your Instagram account! What made you start it initially?

Thank you so much. I initially started my account as a way of documenting everyday things I like and very quickly fell into home decor and interiors which I love. I did an interior design course at college many years ago, so the passion was already there. I’ve spent the last seven years flying a lot because my husband took a job abroad, which meant I never settled, but with the recent travel restrictions in the past year, I’ve stayed at home and really enjoyed growing my home Instagram account. I absolutely love it for all the inspiration, style, creative ideas and, of course, the lovely friendships I’ve made. It’s such a wonderful and supportive community.

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

What are your top tips for styling your home?

Go with what you like because you have to live there. I always seem to go neutral. I find it calming and then accessorise with colour, whether that be flowers and beautiful vases, cushions or rugs. I also love accessorising with candles and faux flowers. Again Instagram has helped me find my style.

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

What do you love most about your farmhouse?

It’s a Georgian farmhouse which I’ve always dreamed of, so probably the symmetry and the double front door. We’ve lived here ten years and only used it twice because we always used the kitchen door! Inside we can walk around in a circle because every room connects on the ground floor - great for parties (when we can have them).

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

That’s easy. It has to be the kitchen! It really is the heart of my home. It’s where you’ll always find me hanging out between the AGA and the island! I had a wall knocked down and reshuffled a few rooms, so the family room is now connected to the kitchen, and we can be really sociable.

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

We’ve just launched our Giraffe collection and we know you’ve travelled and seen these beautiful animals in person, what are they like in the wild?

I’m very fortunate to have done some of my upbringing in Zimbabwe because my mother grew up on a farm there and my parents moved back for a few years when my father retired. They are the most stunning, elegant and graceful animals. I remember meeting a giraffe with her baby in a field near the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. We just looked at each other and went out separate ways! We would also drive to Lake Kariba and see them by the roadside, along with elephants and gazelles.

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

What’s your best memory of travelling?

Ah, there are so many! The best memory starts when the plane doors open and you get that wonderful heat hitting you as you step off. I used to love walking and exploring the rain forests at Victoria Falls, looking for monkeys and lizards and walking down to the crystal blue waters at Chinhoyi Cavesi. Also, the chilly dewy mornings that turn into beautiful warm days.

You can invite three people round for dinner, past or present, who would it be?

I’ve always wanted a fantasy dinner party but right now, it would definitely be my three closest girlfriends who I haven't seen for eighteen months, and I really miss them! We’d have such a lovely time catching up properly, putting the world to rights, laughing a lot and probably crying too - as we usually do!

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

Something we might not know about you?

I only learnt how to put petrol in my car when I was 35 yrs old! Should I admit to that!

Quickfire round:

Favourite flower?
Oooh, that’s a tricky one. I’m obsessed with flowers, but if I had to choose, then probably tulips closely followed by dahlias.
It’s on my to-do list to visit the tulip farms near Amsterdam.

Favourite time of the year?
Christmas! I love spending time with family.

Favourite food?
Toast and marmite all the way!

Tea, coffee or wine?
That’s actually my routine! Tea first, then a coffee and hopefully a glass of wine in the evening!

Morning or night?
Morning - I love getting up before everyone else and having that first cup of tea, garden inspection and dog walk, it’s such a peaceful time.

Sophie Allport collection?
That’s so hard. I actually love them all, but if I had to choose, then probably the Peony closely followed by the Hares and Giraffes.

Sophie Allport product?
The tea towels - you can never have enough, and they make excellent gifts for friends.

Q&A with Laura Sunderland @laurahomeandlifestyle

If you loved taking a little peek into Laura's beautiful Georgian home, then you'll love her Instagram account. You can follow her here: @laurahomeandlifestyle.


  • Just love your style but my house is not as grand as yours. You are very clever.

    Vicki Smith on

  • Hello, Just a note from Villa Posillipo Corfu to tell you how admirable your work is!! Congratulations for making such an effort to transfer the style of beauty! No effort is simple! Bravo!

    Katerina Tanya Plascassoviti on

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