Q&A With Jade From No14 Hectors House

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Q&A With Jade From No14 Hectors House

Over the past few months our pets really have helped us get through some difficult times, from cosying up at our feet while we work to making sure we get our daily walkies in too! We were delighed to catch up with the lovely Jade from @no14hectorshouse to talk all things dogs and house renovations. 

What is the best part about owning a dog?

It has to be walking through the front door after a busy day at work to be greeted by a waggy tail and an excited face, nothing quite beats it! Having a little best friend who will never judge you or fall out with you and will always love you.

Q&A With Jade From No14 Hectors House

What’s Hectors personality like?

He’s a sensitive little soul, he’s very timid and a little shy but full of affection and very loyal.

He is so good at sitting for photos – what’s your trick?

So I get asked this question daily on my Instagram, ha! Hector’s been used to me taking pictures of him since he was 10 weeks old, he’s now had 8 years of practicing in front of the camera and in all honesty I think he just loves posing. Do not be fooled though, treats and cuddles are involved too.

What does a typical day look like for you and Hector?

I’m an early bird so I’m always up and at it. At the moment, due to coronavirus, work is very quiet (I work in the wedding industry) so I’m now at home a lot, which means lots of long walks for Hector. He’s picked up a habit of following me round the house since lockdown so he basically follows me from room to room whilst I’m cleaning etc. When I’m working he spends the day at my parents house with the rest of our family dogs, we call it doggy day care as there’s always at least four dogs at their house. We spend the evenings on the sofa cuddled together watching TV and he has his bedtime routine down to a T. A lot of the time he takes himself to bed around 10pm, he loves his little bedroom.

If Hector could speak, what three things do you think he’d say everyday?

‘BRB just taking a nap’
‘Mum I’m hungry’
‘Mum, I’m 8 years old please stop calling me a baby’

Q&A With Jade From No14 Hectors House

Your home is beautiful – what made you take on a renovation project?

My Fiancé is a joiner by trade so our first home was always going to be a renovation project. We always knew we wanted to buy a house we could really make our own. Even now our house is fully finished we are always discussing new ideas and plans for when the time is right for our next home renovation. It’s just something we love.

How did you find renovating, and do you have any tips for anyone wanting to take on their own project?

As this is our first home together, whilst renovating we were still living with our parents so it was great to have a busy full day at the house then shut the door to the mess and go back to our parents clean and tidy home. We did our renovation fairly quickly as we have family and friends who work in the building industry and my fiancé was able to organise the whole renovation himself. Our advice would be to do your research, there’s always little hiccups along the way, just roll with it and be prepared to go over your budget as this almost always happens.

What’s your favourite room in your home?

It has to be the kitchen, the heart of our home! The room we really got to make our own as this was an extension we put on the house. It was by far the most exciting part of our renovation and something we really loved planning and designing.

Q&A With Jade From No14 Hectors House

What are your tips for styling a home?

Personality is key, be creative! A moodboard/pinterest board for each room is essential and always take your time, don’t rush your decision. Figure out your floor plan and do not be afraid of moving furniture/décor around every so often to create a fresh new look.

What prompted you to start your Insta account and did you imagine it would get so big?

I decided to start my home account as I was finding myself posting every room in my house on my personal page and was worried friends and family were getting fed up of seeing my home so I decided to dedicate an account to my home and little Hector. It was great to find insta friends who were also interested in home interiors. As for our followers, I never imagined gaining so many lovely followers so quick, it happened out of know where! I still can’t quite believe we have that many people interested in following our house journey.

Q&A With Jade From No14 Hectors House

Two things you can’t leave your house without…

My phone and Hector (he comes almost everywhere with me).

What’s your favourite Sophie Allport Collection?

It has to be the ‘Woof’ collection, although I’m excited about adding the new ‘Fetch’ collection to my must haves list.

What’s your favourite Sophie Allport Product?

It has to be the boot bag! Perfect for storing my mucky wellies after a long dog walk. It also keeps the boot of my car nice and clean after visiting the woods for a walk.

If you've loved seeing Hectors face and reading about their renovation then you can follow them on instagram here: @no14hectorshouse

Have you taken on a renovation project and have tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below. 

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