Top Ten Fascinating Giraffe Facts


Top Ten Fascinating Giraffe Facts

To celebrate Sophie’s Giraffe collection, we’re taking a look at these fascinating mammals with our top ten giraffe facts. The collection is in collaboration with ZSL (Zoological Society of London), an international conservation charity working to create a world where wildlife thrives. By purchasing anything from Sophie Allport’s Giraffe collection, you are contributing to ZSL’s vital work.

10 Giraffe Facts by Sophie Allport
  1. Giraffes are the tallest mammal in the world. These beautiful animals are well known for their long necks, legs and tongues. A male adult giraffe can grow to approximately 5.5 metres, while their long tongues can grow to an incredible 53cm!
  2. They are excellent at spotting predators. They have excellent eyesight, and because of their long necks, they can reach above treelines allowing them to spot predators in the distance. They act as an alarm system for the Savannah, and once they begin to run, the rest of the plain know to run too. 
    10 Giraffe Facts by Sophie Allport
  3. Giraffes are fast runners. Giraffes can sprint as fast as 35 miles per hour in short bursts and can run at a pace of 10 miles an hour for more reasonable distances.
  4. Their diet consists of leaves, bark and buds. Giraffes are grazers and digest their foods in a similar way to cows by regurgitating and chewing. Their height and long tongues mean they eat fresh leaves and twigs from the treetops, which other animals can’t reach, meaning they can be picky about what they prefer to eat. 
    10 Giraffe Facts by Sophie Allport
  5. Giraffes have unique patterns. Like our fingerprints, giraffe's striking spots are unique to themselves, and no two giraffes have the same distinctive pattern. Their remarkable coats serve as camouflage, but it’s also thought that it can help regulate their temperature.
  6. They only need to drink once every few days. Giraffes get a lot of their hydration from foods they eat, so they only need to drink every few days. As you can imagine drinking for a giraffe in the wild can be difficult, as they struggle to reach the ground, meaning they have to shuffle and spread their legs. 
    10 Giraffe Facts by Sophie Allport
  7. Their population is decreasing. Poaching is one of the main threats to giraffes. A giraffes kick can fend off most predator attacks, including lions. Giraffes are listed as vulnerable, with subspecies including the Kordofan Giraffe, Nubian Giraffe and reticulated giraffe listed as critically endangered.
  8. A group of giraffes is called a tower. Amazingly a group of giraffes is actually called a tower which fits perfectly considering their height. They can also be called a herd. 
    10 Giraffe Facts by Sophie Allport
  9. Their life span is approximately 25 years. Giraffes live in the wild in Southern Africa, where their life span is 20 to 25 years.
  10. A baby giraffe is called a calf. A calf can stand with the occasional wobble soon after being born. They have a long gestation period of 15 months, which is thought to help with their development and allows them to walk and stand early on in life. 
    10 Giraffe Facts by Sophie Allport

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