Time to dine: Cute melamine dinner sets for your little one


Melamine dinner sets for kids

Getting your fussy little ones to sit down and enjoy a heart-warming meal can sometimes be a real challenge for any parent, trust us we know, but the right tools at mealtimes can really help. Our melamine sets, plates, bowls and cutlery have cute designs to inspire, entertain and engage your kids while they enjoy their scrummy food.

Do you have a picky eater? Our melamine divider plate is perfect for keeping foods separate and segregated and helps keep your kids from refusing to eat or throwing a tantrum because certain foods are touching. Made from 100% melamine our lovely plates are more resistant and less likely to damage if dropped, which is why they are great for kids.

Kids mealtime

Start the morning right with dippy eggs. We love this Kids Melamine Egg Cup Saucer, which is perfect for those who love dippy eggs. The egg is held securely in the centre while the outer is perfect for arranging the soldiers. Available in a variety of different designs including, flamingos, unicorns, dinosaurs, space, on the farm and woodland party.

Kids Egg Plate

Not just for dining but playtime too. Our children’s Melamine sets are also perfect for playtime too. We love that you can use these for painting and getting creative! Our space design is perfect for inspiring young astronauts wanting to paint the night sky.

Practical for travelling. Having a sleepover at granny and grandad's house? Our practical melamine is great for packing away in a bag as it’s lightweight and more resistant to breaking. It’s also great for taking to the park, beach and perfect for summer barbeques parties and events.

A great birthday gift or stocking filler at Christmas time. Our delightful melamine dinner set comes in a smart gift box and makes a wonderful and practical gift for little ones and includes a plate, bowl, cup, egg cup and cutlery set, everything you need for dinner time. Our unicorn design features candyfloss pink and rainbow unicorns celebrating a magical theme.

Unicorn tableware for kids

Excellent for weaning age. Our children’s bowls and spoons are great for weening and pair perfectly with our matching bibs (a must-have for any parent). Great for spooning in homemade food and delights that you’ve lovingly prepared. The handy spoon is also perfect for encouraging your child to start feeding themselves.

Weening bowl and spoon

We (and every parent out there) would love to hear your tips for getting your kids to sit down and eat at mealtimes. Let us know in the comments below.

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