The Different Meanings of Flowers


The Different Meanings of Flowers

Have you ever wondered about the true meaning of flowers? Whilst they make a great gifting option, it’s key to understand their symbolism before sending your next bunch. Whether that’s a faux flower arrangement or a blooming bouquet - read on to explore the different meanings of some of our favourite flower types!

What is floriography?

Floriography refers to the language of flowers and looks into their history, colour, type and quantity. All flowers represent various things, but once you understand the difference, it makes it much easier to send them as a gift.

The Different Meanings of Flowers

The Meaning of Roses

Roses are fascinating flowers, being possibly one of the oldest flowers with fossils dating back 35 million years. For more facts about roses read our blog 10 interesting facts about roses. Each rose colour has a different meaning, as well as the number of roses given can mean significant things - we’ve explored these below.  

Red roses are a symbol of love, passion, romance and desire. A single red rose means love at first sight, however, it can also mean long-lasting love for years to come. Two red roses portray mutual love and affection, whilst a bouquet of 9 red roses celebrates eternal love. A deeper red rose shows that you are ready for commitment! This rose colour makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift or anniversary present – why not send an everlasting rose from our collection of faux flowers?

White roses represent innocence, spirituality, purity, and grace - this is why they are popular wedding flowers. White flowers also represent fresh beginnings, and we love how they look on Sophies Rose design. They pair perfectly with the duck egg ground on the home linens and the soft green on the gardening essentials.

The Different Meanings of Flowers

The Meaning of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are cheerful, bright and represent summer! Sunflowers are well known for their big blooms filled with bright yellow petals that bring happiness. They can have different meanings across cultures - in China they can symbolise good luck, longevity and vitality. Their similarity with the sun makes them spiritual flowers.

Did you know sunflowers can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety? Their sunny appearance adds warmth to the home – we love Sophie’s Sunflower collection, which adds character, from kitchen linens to bedding.

The Different Meanings of Flowers

The Meaning of Poppies

There are a few meanings to poppies, however, their main symbolism relates to honour and remembrance. Poppies are linked to Remembrance Day (11th November) but originate as a symbol of remembrance within the First World War, where they were common on the Western Front because they were flourishing from the churned-up soil.

Poppies are also known for their natural source of opiates, therefore have links and symbolism to sleep. There are 120 species of poppies with a variety of different colours – red, pink, orange, yellow, white, blue, purple, and black.

Sophie’s Poppy Meadow design was inspired by Sophie’s love for long country walks through British meadows and is filled with an abundance of colour featuring poppies, bluebells, cornflowers, and buds ready to bloom.

The Different Meanings of Flowers

The Meaning of Olive Branches

Whilst not actually a flower, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to explore the meaning of olive branches! An olive branch represents peace and friendship and dates back to Greek mythology. If someone reaches out with an olive branch, it’s usually a symbol of promoting peace and showing the end of a disagreement.

Add a fresh Mediterranean feel to the home with Sophie’s Olive collection, featuring olive branches on a rustic and neutral ground. Why not create a beautiful faux flower arrangement with Sophie’s Olive Spray, which adds ever-lasting greenery to the home?

The Different Meanings of Flowers

The Meaning of Peonies

We love peonies at Sophie Allport – they are beautiful, elegant and one of our absolute favourites! Peonies are full of meaning and generally represent love, goodwill, happiness, and joy, but each colour symbolises something different.

Pink Peonies symbolise good luck and prosperity which is why they are popular with wedding bouquets and flowers. Meanwhile, white peonies symbolise bashfulness and feelings of remorse, making them great for gifting when you are asking for forgiveness. Red Peonies are perfect for sending to your partner and resemble love, honour, and passion!

The Different Meanings of Flowers

The Meaning of Dahlias

These vibrant and colourful flowers are a summer delight and have many different symbolisms, including finding inner strength, following your own path, staying graceful, and remaining calm during difficult situations. Did you know that Dahlias are the traditional flower given for a 14th wedding anniversary?

The Meaning of Daisies

Daisies spring up all throughout the summer, and it's well-known that ancient Egyptians grew them in their gardens for herbal remedies. There are hundreds of daises species, so they have a variety of meanings, including innocence and purity, which relate back to an old Celtic legend, new beginnings from Norse mythology, and true love.

The Different Meanings of Flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers make a great Mother’s Day gift – why not send everlasting flowers that they can enjoy all year round? Shop Sophie’s collection of faux flowers - pair it with a beautiful jug for the ultimate gift! Take a look at these Mother's Day flower meanings:

Carnations – known as the classic flower for Mother’s Day. Their symbolism around Mothering Sunday dates back to the early 1900s with white carnations becoming the official flower. Later red or pink carnations were given to living mothers, whilst the white variety celebrated those who had passed away.

Tulips – symbolising new beginnings, tulips are the perfect option for new mothers.

Chrysanthemums – these beautiful flowers represent support and friendship and are perfect for gifting to every mother figure!

Lilies – symbolise fertility and motherhood and come in many different colours. Simply send their favourite colour!

Do you love flowers as much as we do? Discover faux flowers that make the perfect gift idea and Sophie’s floral designs featuring beautiful homewares and accessories. 

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