It's A Pugs Life; With Boris From Feathering The Empty Nest


Pug dog bed

Pug Life Sometimes I can’t quite believe my luck when I wake up each day. Being a pug really is the life for me. People are always telling me how cute I am, girls often squeal with excitement when they see me, and I get lots of cuddles wherever I go. Since my Mummy has been on Instagram I seem to be getting even more attention that before; people have even sent me gifts. I have been told not to let it go to my head, but sometimes it’s hard when you are as cute as me. I can’t complain about it though, and just so you can all see just how tough it is, I thought I would share a day in my life with you all.

Pug woof bed

I won’t lie to you, mornings aren’t really my “thing”; well, unless you count breakfast time? The moment I wake up, food is the first thing on my mind. Actually, I think it might be the last thing on my mind at the end of the day too? Breakfast is definitely my favourite time of day. I love my Sophie Allport “Woof” bowl; especially because it has a rubber rim on the bottom of it, which means I don’t have to chase my bowl all over the floor to eat my food as it now stays just where I like it……completely still. I am working on not rushing my food, but I just can’t help myself!

Pub with woof bowl

After breakfast, I usually sneak back upstairs to bed, as I like to try and get some extra Z’s in whilst Mummy is getting ready for the day. If Mummy has any cooking or cleaning to do in the house, then I always like to be right by her side; always. Sometimes I worry that perhaps I get under her feet, but then I remember how much she loves me, so I think she quite likes me following her everywhere really. Lots of people think that pugs don’t need a lot of exercise, but I love long walks. I walk for at least an hour every day. We are so very lucky that there are some fabulous places to walk very close to our house. My favourite place to walk is in the woods where I can zoom around and play with all the friends I meet along the way. I like to think of myself as the smartest pug about town, so I am really enjoying wearing my new neckerchief collar. I have also had lots of compliments on it, which tells me that it’s the right fashion choice for me. 

Woof Neckerchief by Sophie Allport

Pugs love toys; cuddly toys, chewy toys, balls……I love them all! I have a toy box at home because I have so many favourites, and I can often be found digging around in there to get something out to play with. My new Pheasant toy is my new favourite. He has a crunchy tail and a squeaky head, so he’s very fun to play with. It doesn’t matter how hard I shake him or throw him around, he never seems to give up. I eventually get tired though and usually retire to my bed.

Pug Pheasant dog toy

If we are not out with friends or at my Grandma’s house, Mummy spends lots of her time writing and replying to emails. I am not quite sure what she’s up to, but I like to keep her company by curling up in my bed by her feet. My new bed from Sophie Allport is super comfy and has lovely high sides so that I feel safe and snug. I am only small, but it comes in three sizes, so bigger boys and girls can enjoy it too! Actually, I take my bed most places we go so that I can sneak in a nap when I want one. I nap upstairs and downstairs, in my Granny’s kitchen, and now Autumn is on its way here you’ll most definitely find me napping in front of the log burner (Mummy has to put my bed there or I find a way to get way too close to the stove, which apparently, I am not supposed to do). As the evenings draw in, and we light the fire for cosy afternoons at home, that’s where you’ll find me. Oh, it’s a pug’s life for me…….. Boris x

If you'd like to see more of Boris you can see what he gets up to on his mums Instagram, or blog Feathering The Empty Nest.  

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