Five Things We Love About Fairgrounds


To celebrate the launch of our pretty new childrens collection Fairground Ponies, we’re taking a trip down memory lane, looking at what we love and miss about fairgrounds. 

Fairground Ponies by Sophie Allport

Whizzing around the merry go round

At the heart of all fairs is the classic carousel, with pretty horses and ponies gliding up and down through the night. We love that feeling of being carefree and watching the world pass by as you hold on to your pony manakin and enjoy the cheerful fairground music. Sophie's wonderful new design really has brought those memories to life on an array of homewares and children's accessories. 

Fairground Ponies by Sophie Allport

Being cosy

Why is it that funfairs are usually on during the colder months? We don’t mind though, we love any excuse to put on our favourite knitwear and wrap up warm. Perfect for keeping your children cosy, we love this knitwear which is part of the new Fairground Ponies collection! Complete the set with the knitted jumper, hat, snood and mittens, excellent for school and makes the perfect winter knitwear for kids.

Fairground Ponies by Sophie Allport

ALL the food

So it might not be the healthiest foods, but it only comes around once a year so you can indulge a little. Crispy jacket potatoes filled with baked beans, candyfloss from the van, and hot doughnuts sprinkled with sugar, just find a bench, park your bum and enjoy! Your kids could even take their own snacks in their backpacks

Fairground Ponies by Sophie Allport

Fun for the whole family

Even if you’re not overly enthusiastic about rides then you don't need to worry as there is always something for everyone, from ribbon dancers, performers and circus acts to a simple game of hook a duck. There is something so nice about seeing families spending time together with nonstop fun and laughter.

Fairground Ponies by Sophie Allport

Getting into your PJs and sleeping it all off

We love that feeling of putting your pyjamas on and putting your feet up when you get home. It’s always lovely to finally get home and relax, and you can be sure that the kids will sleep all night, and you might even get the luxury of a lay-in. We love these new kids pyjamas, which come in four sizes ranging from ages 2 to 6 and features a lovely long sleeved pyjama top and matching bottoms. 

Fairground Ponies by Sophie Allport

      If you want to make your own fairground memories at home, then check out our other blog post here. We'd love to hear your favourite things about the fairground, let us know below in the comments!

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