Different Types of Serving Dishes and Their Uses


Different Types of Serving Dishes and Their Uses

There are many types of serving dishes and they all have different uses when setting the table for a dinner party. There is a variety of shapes and sizes, from large serving dishes and small serving dishes to kitchen trays and dinnerware. We’re looking at some of the different styles and their uses. 

Serving Platter

A pretty and practical serving platter makes for an excellent centrepiece dish. They certainly come in handy when putting on a delicious buffet-style spread for dinner parties. We love to make a large sharing salad filled with wholesome foods and grains that can be shared out amongst friends and family.

This Acorn & Oak Leaves Serving Platter is our go-to serving dish – with it's scalloped edge and dot detailing, it's an elegant way to serve your guests and the acorn & oak illustration lends a stylish autumnal touch to your spread.

Serving Bowl

Another practical serving dish that everyone should have in their kitchen is a serving bowl. It’s the perfect piece for special occasions and daily use alike. A subtle statement for serving tasty sides or even used as decor to display your fruit.

Our Acorn & Oak Leaves Stoneware Serving Bowl pairs perfectly with the matching serving platter.

Kitchen Trays

A kitchen tray is versatile, it can be used for serving drinks and food from nibbles and canapés to wine and fizz, trays are also excellent for making decorative displays in the home 

We've a range of designs to choose from that feature Sophie’s timeless illustrations, from Festive Forest and Robin to Home Grown and Poppy Meadow.

Nibbles Bowls

Nibble bowls make the perfect night in companion, filled with your favourite snacks and small bites. They're also perfect for serving snacks at soirées, whether it’s a bowl of nuts, pretzels or even sweeties. 


Jugs are well worth investing in, they have so many uses... they're great for setting the table for breakfast, dinner with family or even for adding a decorative touch to worktops, windowsills and open shelving.

Sophie has a range of beautiful designs to choose from including this charming Christmas Stags illustration perfect for housing cream for your mince pies or milk for your Christmas coffee.

Other essential serving dishes include:

  • Dessert Bowls
  • Cake Stands
  • Side Plates
  • Dinner plates

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