7 Scents That Will Improve Your Mood


Scents to improve your mood

There’s nothing we enjoy more here at Sophie Allport than waking up to the rich smell of coffee in the morning or coming home to freshly washed sheets. There are just some aromas in life that give you instant happiness. 

scent your mood - coffee smell fragrance

Smell is the strongest of senses and has a profound effect on our brains, often reminding us of a particular memory or feeling. If you’re having a bad day, we’re certain these scents will improve it…

  1. Lavender - The go-to scent for relaxation is essential for relieving any stress and tension you might feel after a long week. Well known for its calming properties, the soothing oil has even been known to treat headaches, migraines and depression. Scents to help your mood
  2. Peppermint - This scent stimulates the mind and promotes concentration so you can approach everything with a clear head. If it’s a pick-me-up you’re looking for, peppermint will always deliver!
  3. Lemon - Among the strongest of scents, lemon is recognisable for its freshness, which can often distract us from feeling frustrated. Like many other citrus smells, lemon gives us bursts of energy, keeping us alert when we need it most. And it has lots of health benefits! Lemon is used for detoxing and fighting colds. The impressive fruit has antibacterial properties that help us to take on the world! 
  4. Vanilla - There’s something warmly inviting and familiar about vanilla - It’s a scent that welcomes you in and lets you unwind every time. The sweet, gentle smell improves your mood through its comforting aroma.
  5. Jasmine - This inviting aroma is known for boosting alertness and making us feel calm. The pretty floral scent is enough to brighten any mood and release some positive energy. All that good from one tiny flower - you’ve got to appreciate the small things in life! The Sophie Allport Neroli Lakes ranges blends the clean aroma of neroli with citrus notes of orange blossom and hints of exotic calming jasmine.Scents to help your mood - Jasmine in the Sophie Allport Neroli Lakes range
  6. Pine - There’s something super comforting about this particular scent; maybe it’s that winter-feeling it brings us, reminding us of cold family walks or the anticipation of the holiday season? Whatever the reason, pine is known to reduce stress and anxiety so we can relax. Scents to change your mood - eucalyptus & pine
  7. Freshly cut grass - One of life’s most natural joys is the scent of freshly cut grass. It could have something to do with our happy memories of summer and warmer weather but nothing beats that just mowed the lawn smell.

You should indulge in your favourite scents whenever you can; it’s good for the soul and great for the mind. It might even improve your mood. Happy smelling!

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  • My grandmother loved lavender. She would always by toilet water. She always smelled lovely. At the age of 96 she sadly passed away. On occasions we get the smell of lavender, in our home it comes from knoware, Then it goes away. It always makes me smile. Kindest regards, Jane Stafford. Sorry forgot to say how lovely your bedding is.

    Jane on

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