7 Easy Easter Decorations For Your Home


Easter decorations are fast becoming the norm, with our Instagram feed full of Easter trees, egg wreaths & decorative dishes full of mini eggs. It has to be one of our favourite holidays here at Sophie Allport, mainly because it's acceptable to eat chocolate and hot cross buns for breakfast but also the gorgeous spring decor & beautiful blooms. This year we decided to get fully involved in Easter faffing and had so much fun putting together some easy Easter decorations for you to try at home.

    1. Egg-cellent Easter Brunch. We decided to style a brunch Easter table setting using our Chicken accessories. Fill an Easter-themed mug or tea-cup with 'Easter nests' which you can find in most craft stores, or use hay/straw, complete the look with a speckled egg and feather. We filled our chicken tea-pot with daffodils and our jam-jar with other seasonal delights. Add mini birds nests filled with eggs to the table for a playful element, but just make sure your guests know which eggs they can actually eat! We'd recommend keeping real eggs in their egg cups just to be on the safe side. Easter Decorations
    2. Spring Decor. A quick and easy way to style the seasons is to update your kitchen textiles. We have a whole range of spring designs that are perfect for Easter, like our Sheep collection pictured below. We've also started using our fine bone china pieces to display spring blooms. Gather some fresh cuttings from your garden and fill our Easter mugs and jam jars, position them on your bedside table or shelves to ensure your next 'shelfie' is styled perfectly for spring. Easter decorations for the home
    3. Easter Tree. Easter trees are simple but can make a huge statement to your Easter decor. We layered a large clear vase with painted eggs and filled it with faux blossom branches, you could use real over faux or opt for something a little different like pussy-willow, anything in-season that will be strong enough to hold decorations. Our Felt Decorations are perfect for hanging from the branches and also make cute little gifts. You can also drape over strands of ribbon, hang painted eggs or Easter shaped card decorations. Ours is positioned on a side table alongside our lovely Bunny & Seed mugs. Fill our bunny mugs with nests and chocolate eggs for a lovely Easter gift. Easter decorations
    4. Painted Easter Decorations. Easter really is all about the eggs and whilst it's a great idea to use Cadburys Mini Eggs to decorate, there's a high chance that you'll find your decorations gone by the end of the day (the temptation is just too much). An alternative way is to paint some lovely pastel eggs like the ones below. To do this we ordered some polystyrene eggs, you can find these in almost all craft shops at this time of year, then we got a couple of pastel paint samples to cover the eggs. Once they're dry use a smaller paintbrush with a darker colour to flick paint over the eggs to create a 'speckled' look, or simply leave them as they are. The great thing about making these Easter egg decorations is that you can be as creative as you like and it's a great Easter activity for kids.         Easter decorations for your home
    5. Spring Bedding. Nothing says Happy Easter more than our cosy Sheep bedding. Whilst it's not exclusively designed as Easter bedding we can't think of a better excuse to refresh your room for spring. Complete your spring bedroom makeover with a seasonal scent, Sophie's currently obsessed with using the Honey Spiced Lavender Room Spray in her bedroom, it instantly lifts and refreshes a room whilst helping to relax and calm the mind.Spring bedroom refresh by Sophie Allport
    6. Easter Table Setting. An Easter table just wouldn't be complete without bunny-shaped napkins. We used our Hare napkins and placemats to create this look and scattered the table with painted eggs and feathers for a more rustic take on an Easter table setting. An egg wreath with a spring scented candle like our 'Fresh Cut Grass' will make an eggcellent centrepiece. You can buy these ready-made or attempt at making your own by gathering moss, feathers, twigs and eggs for a rustic wreath or use beautiful spring blooms to brighten up the look, after all, wreaths aren't just for Christmas! Stack hot-cross buns on a wooden board and add a few petals or flower heads for decoration. Easter table setting - bunny ear napkins
    7. How To Make Bunny Shaped Napkins. Follow the steps below to re-create the bunny shaped napkins just like the ones we folded in the image above. If you try this at home make sure you tag on us Instagram #SophieAllport as we'd love to see yours.

    How to make bunny ear napkins



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