Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

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Create an Easter tree at home with Sophie Allport using twigs, pussy willow, twisted willow and decorations

Elevate your home this Easter with a beautiful Easter tree which makes a stunning table centrepiece and home decoration. We’ve teamed up with the lovely Donna from The Country Garden Florist to bring you her tips and tricks to making an Easter tree of your own at home. 

Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

You will need:

  • Pussy willow
  • Twisted willow
  • Anchor tape
  • Moss
  • Large vase or jug
  • Decorations. We are using: Sophie Allport felt decorations, eggshells, quails eggs, flowers, dried flowers, baubles

Prepare your jug

Start with a large jug or vase. We would recommend making sure it is opaque to hide the stems. We want our twigs to stand upright, so we’re using anchor tape to create a gridded frame across the top of the jug, which our stems can then easily slot into the gaps. Once finished, you should have a criss-cross formation across the top, with square holes for your twigs.

Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

Add your stems and twigs

We’re using a combination of twisted willow and pussy willow for the main structure of our tree. We’ll start by adding the pussy willow into the grid framework. You’ll now see that the middle stems stand upright against the tape structure. Once you’re happy with the placement of the pussy willow, you can begin to add your twisted willow. Try and intertwine it between the pussy willow, as this adds a lovely texture.

Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

Cover the tape with moss

Once you’re happy with all your stems, it’s time to cover the tape with some moss. You can pick up moss from your local florist. We’re just going to weave it in between all the twigs and sit it on top to cover up all of the tape.

Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

Begin adding your larger decorations

Hang your heavier decorations first, as these hold the most weight, they will be best supported by the twisted willow as it is stronger. We’re using these beautiful felt decorations, which include runner duck, sheep, hare and chicken.

Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

Add your smaller decorations

Once you’re happy with your large decorations, you can begin to add some smaller decorations. We’re using some clear open baubles, which we’ve filled with flower heads, quail eggs and little nests to add some colour and texture, but it also keeps that vibrant spring feel.

We’re also adding eggshell decorations, which you can make yourself at home with leftover eggs. Just create small holes on the side and thread through some ribbon to tie them onto your tree, then fill them with some beautiful flowers.

Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

The finishing touches 

For the final touch, we have got these little quail eggs and coloured eggs which we are just going to sit on the moss base for a finished spring look. We don't want them to roll off, so make sure you push them into the moss a little bit to secure them. 

Top Tips For Creating an Easter Tree

So there we have it! A beautiful Easter tree that makes a lovely table centrepiece, and is perfect for adding a spring touch to your home! Watch our how to video below to hear Donna's tips and tricks.


Have you had a go at making an Easter tree or decoration? We'd love to hear how you got on, let us know in the comments below.

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  • What fabulous Easter ideas, I don’t normally decorate for Easter but Sophie Allport you have certainly inspired me. Thank you

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